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About Resistance Tubing

Resistance tubing is widely used in baseball for strength, conditioning, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. Smaller muscle groups that are hard to target with traditional free weight exercises can be addressed with resistance tubing. The versatility of resistance tubing allow the pitcher to replicate movements with resistance. Exercise programs utilizing resistance tubing can simulate the pitching motion and reinforce proper pitching efficiencies.

The capability to focus on movements rather than individual muscle groups make resistance tubing a superior sport specific training tool. The appropriate use of resistance tubing promotes a full range of motion, improves functional strength and builds endurance for improved pitching performance.

Oates Specialties Resistance Tubing is made with tubing from the Hygenic Corporation, makers of Thera-Band TM brand tubing. Their trademarked resistance color system assures consistent resistance and their product quality is recognized throughout the athletic and medical communities.

While only the best tubing is used, the real secret of Oates Specialties Resistance Tubing is in its construction. Fabricated in the USA, these accessories are designed and manufactured with the throwing athlete in mind. With product advice from Ron Wolforth, one of the countries premier pitching coaches and product testing conducted at his academy, the utility and durability of these accessories were thoroughly tested without losing focus on comfort of the athlete. Firm cushioned handles and secure comfortable straps accommodate aggressive athletic movements. The design used to attach the handles and/or grips to the resistance tubing and the resistance tubing to an anchor are the key to the durability of Oates Specialties Resistance Tubing.

Oates Tubing is often referred to as "Simply the best Tubing Available"


Each of the Select Conditioning Accessories is available in the following levels of resistance:

  • Heavy Tubing (Green):
    typically used by the young athlete;
  • Extra Heavy Tubing (Blue):
    typically used by the junior high athlete;
  • Special Heavy Tubing (Black):
    typically used by the high school athlete;
  • Super Heavy Tubing (Silver):
    typically used by the well-developed high school and college athlete;
  • Ultra Heavy Tubing (Yellow):
    typically used by mature college and professional athletes.

Buyer should select tubing based on athlete's size, age, physical capabilities, and training intent. Questions about appropriate resistance level should be directed to your trainer, coach or physician. Resistance tubing should never be extended (stretched) beyond the manufacturer recommendation in an effort to achieve desired resistance. Detailed resistance tubing information is available upon request. Follow all safety precautions when using resistance tubing.


Thera-Band® Exercise Tubing contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reaction.


Thera-Band® Exercise Tubing can cause serious injury when not used properly. Use Thera-Band Exercise Tubing only upon the recommendation and under the direction of a trained professional. Do not use the exercise tubing in any manner that may cause it to snap towards the head and cause injury to the eyes. Thera-Band® Exercise Tubing is not a toy. Adult supervision is required at all times when children are exercising with Thera-Band® Exercise Tubing.


Always examine Thera-Band® Exercise Tubing before use for nicks, small tears or punctures that may cause the tubing to break. If you find any flaws upon examination, discard the product and replace with new lengths of Thera-Band® Exercise Tubing before doing any exercises.

Store your Thera-Band® Exercise Tubing at room temperature in a box or hang it in a dark area. Do not store Thera-Band® Exercise Tubing in direct sunlight.

Protect your Thera-Band® Exercise Tubing by keeping it away from sharp objects. Remove rings before using. Beware of sharp fingernails. For exercise tubing which is used in chlorinated water, special care is needed to maintain the tubing. After use in chlorinated water, rinse the exercise tubing thoroughly in tap water to remove any traces of chlorine. Allow the exercise tubing to air dry completely

CAUTION: Assure all Select Conditioning Tubing Accessories Manufactured by Oates Specialties LLC are attached properly to an appropriate anchor before use.

Resistance Tubing Accessory straps and handles are made of man made materials: hand wash; drip dry; do not bleach.

Made in the USA.

Oates Specialties LLC

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