The 5 Most Common Reasons 95% of ALL Athletes Underachieve and Never Reach Their God Given Potential

 More Importantly…What Can You Learn From The Texas Baseball Ranch™ to Overcome Those Obstacles…and Assist You in Transforming Your Career?

Skill development is truly NOT rocket science. Why more people don’t ‘get’ this simple concept I truly have no idea but I’m very grateful for it because in all frankness it affords me a very good living.

Let me be absolutely blunt and cut to the chase. Many people mistakenly believe the reason a young person doesn’t develop to his/her full potential is because of a lack of motivation or genetic gifts. FALSE. Categorically false in fact.

Why most people fail to live up to their potential:

  1. They have NO plan. They do not know exactly where they stand right now, at this precise moment in time. Therefore they don’t know how or what to change, modify or adjust. They just kind of marinate in ‘staying busy’.
  2. They have the WRONG plan. Sprinting east looking for a sunset will never bring you your desired result…no mater how fast you sprint. One size will not only never fit everyone….it won’t even fit one forever. To be most effective your plan must fit YOU. You plan must be designed specifically for YOU.
  3. They don’t have the equipment and /or the resources needed to effectively make changes. They’d LOVE to get better. They just don’t have the right tools to do it. You can’t fix a wrist watch with a pipe wrench. The right tools or resources can and often do make all the difference.
  4. They do what everybody else is doing.  Heaven forbid you don’t mindlessly follow the herd…the hoards of other athletes who simply go along to get along. There is a very practical reason most people are average and mediocre…most of them are basically doing the exact same thing…how else could this unfold? Average is the rule.  Always will be. Don’t be a lemming and follow the herd.
  5. They dabble…they pretend…they major in minor things. For example: Everybody has a ‘warm-up’ of sorts…most do it extremely poorly.  Everybody does arm care…for most it’s only marginally valuable. Everybody has a throwing process…for a vast majority it is a giant waste of time. Everybody throws a bull pen…and all it does is lock in poor habits.

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

Albert Einstein

Imagine you are a freshman in HS and by the time you graduate HS you want to be accepted into an Ivy League School. You’ve got straight A’s with the exception of a C+ in English. You work really hard in school and are very good at it but English composition just seems to be more difficult for you.

Do you hire a Math tutor to get your Math grade from a 96 to an 99?

Of course not.

But many people do exactly that. For example their athlete already is very strong but they really focus on getting him in the weight room and with a personal trainer. All the while missing that it’s his ankle and hip mobility that he really needs to improve upon or it’s his sleep and nutrition that is really out of whack or that his throwing mechanics are very inefficient. Gaining additional strength may help him look better in a bathing suit but as far as performing better in a game…that’s the equivalent of chasing the wrong rabbit down the wrong hole. It will keep him busy but won’t do much for his game time performance.

Do you just work ‘harder’ ?

I don’t think doubling down on things that are already not working tremendously well is a great plan. However, people also choose this route all the time. They just keep doing more of what they already know. Many times more is NOT better… it’s just more. It’s the same logic that if 2 aspirin are effective for a head ache then 36 aspirin must be fantastic! We all know that is incorrect.

Do you just stay the course and HOPE things work themselves out?  We hope the English teacher sees how much you really want to go to the Ivy League and takes pity on you and gives you an A?

I don’t think so. We all know that ‘hope’, while a wonderful thing… is decidedly NOT a plan. That type of behavior is borderline delusional but also far more common than one  might think. It goes along the lines of “because I really want it to happen and I’m tied to it emotionally, others will help me make it so.”, which of course is typically not the case.

Or do you go to the English teacher and get a specific assessment as to EXACTLY where you are short from doing A+ work and then seek out someone who can really guide and mentor you to move toward breaking through that specific barrier or limitation.



If you are going to excel you MUST get in front of the right people, have access to the right tools/ resources and design a customized plan that precisely fits your needs, constraints, limitations, strengths and current skills.  Then you must be ALL IN with that plan and give it a really good go…then every so often re-evaluate your progress and repeat the process.  And keep repeating THAT process – assess, find the expert that can help, find the support/ tools/resources, create a customized plan and then commit to the process.


Our Role at The Texas Baseball Ranch™

What I’ve just described to you IS the Texas Baseball Ranch™ Process.

We’ve conducted over 170 camps since 2003.  Over that time we’ve studied closely the specific things that the highest achieving athletes did when they returned home, which resulted in their game time performance being transformed to heights that few would have previously believed possible.  We then compared that specific behavior with the athletes who return home and made little or no improvement.

Based on our years of experience and close observation, we’ve RECENTLY adjusted our camp to make absolutely certain it includes EXACTLY what you need when you return home:

First, we determined that if the athlete leaves with a hyper-personalized/ customized plan….built to suit his exact needs, strengths, limitations and constraints…he  REALLY improves. If not…he doesn’t.

Therefore we now give each athlete their own personal disconnection DVD’S prior to leaving the camp. The DVDs walk you through exactly what YOU need to do for the first 21 days immediately upon your return home. Normally each DVD sells for $49…most athletes receive 2 DVDs to address their most pressing, specific needs and requirements. They are included as part of your camp experience. We’ve got you covered.

Second, we determined that if the athlete leaves camp with a mentor …a guide… a resource who understands their personal limitations, constraints and goals…. an expert who will take them under their wing, guide and direct them…a trusted advisor whom the athlete can call and email for guidance and direction…they really improve. If not…they don’t.

Therefore we give each athlete a month of our Durathro™ on line program and coaching support as a gift to you. It gives you access to review every drill and exercise used at the camp and affords you email and phone access to Ranch Coaches when you get home for 30 days, free. Normally that fee is $199 a month.

Third, we determined if the athlete leaves camp with every single piece of equipment needed to follow their prescribed process…they really improve. If not…they may not.  Therefore, as part of your camp experience, we give you EVERY piece of equipment needed to follow your customized process when you get home.  So at the Ranch™ as an added bonus to support you and your future, in your ALL-IN package you will get these 6 pieces of training equipment:

blog 2

–     Two connection balls (shown here utilized by Justin Verlander (Tigers) and Chein-Ming Wang- (Royals)

–     A 10 lb Set of Wrist weights for Arm Care (shown on bottom left by Coach Kadey)

–     A 1Kg Bell Club for Arm Care (Shown on bottom right by Coach Massey)

–     A Set of Weighted Balls (2lb, 21oz, 14oz, 7oz, 3.5oz)

–     A Durathro™ Training Sock

–     A Set of Elastic Tubing for Arm Care

ollie and jonathan 2

Therefore the athlete leaves our bootcamp with every single piece of equipment he needs to follow his customized program. Normally that equipment would cost over $200… but at the Texas Baseball Ranch, It’s all included in your camp experience.

We look forward to seeing you this summer,


Coach Ron Wolforth