This past week I had the privilege to watch a professional photographer do a photo shoot at the Texas Baseball Ranch for an upcoming article in Sports Illustrated about Ron and the Ranch. I believe it is to come out in the April 15th issue. So be sure to check it out. It was truly interesting how the photographer had the main picture, or Big picture, that he wanted in his mind, but how much detail he went into to capture the shot he wanted. He had a plan.


He paid attention to the lighting, and made adjustments as needed and often. He arranged where the players located in each shot. He tried them in different locations, like placing the taller one in front, then in back; or the one with the gray shorts in the middle, then the outside. Basically, he knew what he wanted, but he kept making little adjustments to get the BIG picture the way he wanted it to be. He was extremely focused on the details, or the little things, but he always had the big picture in mind.


This reminded me that I need to pay more attention to the details, but not to get so caught up in them that I forget about the BIG picture. I know I have done that from time to time, I am sure we all have. I see it all the time with the players I have coached or trained. They are so focused on fixing this little part of their delivery that they don’t pay attention to the rest of the picture. Like they forget about working on command, or they neglect drills for other movement patterns and those patterns regress. Another example, I see all the time is in a players strength program. They work hard on getting stronger, or putting on mass, but neglect mobility work. Or their program is not a balanced one, meaning some parts of the connect chain is getting much stronger than other parts causing an imbalance.


This also happens in life as well, we get so caught up with the details of the day or week, like task at work or rushing to this activity or event, that we forget to do the details that lead to the BIG picture we want to produce. Like spending some quality time with the family, eating healthy meals, exercising, spending time reading to educate and better ourselves, etc. So, I am going to start making a weekly plan, with the Big picture in mind. Plans help us stay on track. They help us make sure we are spending an appropriate amount of time on each detail of the BIG picture. This way we are not missing or skipping things that could make part of the BIG picture to become blurry or missing all together. I have always suggested to my players to create a weekly plan so that they can stay on track and accomplish what they need to in their training. It is so easy to get off track or run out of time if we do not have a plan. We all have multiple things to do daily to help us accomplish our own Big picture, but it is so easy to forget some of the details or run out of time without a plan.


At the Ranch we help each player create a Hyper-personalized plan with their BIG picture in mind. Then we help them figure out the details to make it happen.  Then we give them the resources with our Durathro™ program so they can make sure they know how perform those details correctly. Now I am going to try doing it for myself as well. I am going to plan out time with my family, I am going to plan out my meals, I am going to plan my workouts, I am going to plan out task at work, and I am going to plan some time to do some reading as well. I think this will help me accomplish my BIG picture. Remember, always keep the BIG picture in mind, but make sure you are planning the details that will make that picture become a reality.