I came across a quote today that really made me step back and take a look at the things I was doing on a daily bases. The quote came from an article on Addicted2Success.com. The article was titled “10 Easy Wins to Keep You Motivated When You’re Tempted to Quit” by Craig Boneau.

But the quote was by Tim Ferriss, “Focus on Being Productive Instead of Being Busy.”

There are times when we all our guilty of procrastination, so I started to think what are some steps we can take that can help us to get more stuff done. So I came up with a few ideas that I think can help you, and me, become more productive.

  • Have a morning routine. A routine makes it where we know what to do and when to do it. This will bring consistency to our day also. Like waking up at the same time each day, going through your morning rituals, and leaving the house on time to make it to work or school with time to spare. I have read quite a bit of stuff on successful people, and I have found that most of them have a consistent routine they do at the start of each day.


  • Have a plan for what/when things need to get done that day. This will change from time to time, because different things may take priority on different days. But spend a couple of minutes at the start of the day, or the night before, to plan the day out. Make sure the plan is to get stuff done, not to just stay busy.


  • Tackle tasks that do not take much of your time or effort as soon as possible each day. If you are like me, sometime I put off these types of things thinking that they will not take long or that it will be easy, then at the end of the day I am scrambling to get those easy things done. So do them as they come up or as soon as you can each day. Like answering an email, or returning a call, of empty the trash. For you students, do you homework each day as soon as you get a chance, don't wait to late at night. Or, do it in sections as you get time through out the day.


  • The last thing is: Be present in the task at hand. This reminds me of a statement from the Head Baseball Coach at Fresno State, Mike Batesole. In 2009 at the ABCA convention, Coach Batesole told the audience the one team rule he had for his 2008 National Championship team. The rule was, Be where you are suppose to be, when you are suppose to be there, doing what you are suppose to be doing. That pretty much sums it up to me. So if you are in math class, be in math class both physically and mentally. If you are at baseball practice, be at practice both physically and mentally. We have all been guilty of being in class and thinking about baseball, and when we are at baseball we are thinking about other things.


So remember, have a morning routine, have a plan for what and when things need to get done, get the easy and quick stuff done asap each day, and be present in the task at hand.