Have you ever been told to get your lifting in? How about go get your conditioning in? If you’re like me, I would say the majority of you watching have heard this many times before. Some of you may even saying that you have heard things differently like get your arm care or your recovery in. Warm-ups, cool downs… the list goes on. The main problem with these approaches is most of the time, they are predetermined, one size fits all, or both.
I recently attended the Texas Baseball Ranch Coaches Bootcamp, While I was there I listened to some of the brightest minds in the world revealing their training methods. Each coach had their own very unique approach to how they assessed, planned, and programmed their athletes workouts. However, I noticed one common theme amongst them all. “Khaos” Each coach or trainer had a version of planned “Khaos” in their training regimens. Some used water based implements. Some used variations of targets and weighted balls. Lastly some of them used reactive type drills to keep the athlete guessing what direction to move next.
This type of training is used to create an adaptive learning environment. It forces the athlete to adjust on every drill, every throw, and every movement keeping them constantly on their toes.

When will you as an athlete ever play in a controlled environment where the surface is perfect, and every pitch you make is exactly on target? Never. If you are a coach listening, when did you have a game that played out exactly how you’d planned? Never. So why train in a pristine predetermined environment? I am not saying you should never go to the weight room or hit off a tee, but I am simply asking you have you ever changed your training environment to promote “Khaos” or unpredictability?
Randy Sullivan of the Florida Baseball Ranch recently released his book “Savage Training transferring gains from the gym to the game”. In this book, he establishes a rating system for the specificity of training as it relates to baseball. Part of the rating system is removing muscle slack naturally through unstable, undetermined, or Khaotic movements utilizing variable training implements. I will leave it there as Randy does a great job explaining this in further detail in his book, and I highly recommend it to those of you watching this.
In closing, you must get out of the mindset to just get your lifting, or conditioning in. Do not settle for just performing arm care or recovery routines. Learn to create an adaptive, evolving, and Khaotic environment that will better prepare you for what you really need. To play better on the field, and not just look better at the beach.
Remember to be unique and #BeELITE