Take a look around at your gym, weight room, or training facility. Do you see a squat rack? Good. What about a bench, free weights, or maybe plyometric boxes? Awesome. Maybe if you’re one of the fortunate ones, you see some resistance bands, medicine balls, or kettlebells? Terrific. This means your place for training is like 100% of the population. This can be a good thing. You have strength equipment, speed equipment, and power equipment. This sounds like it covers all the aspects in being a great athlete. However, the majority of training programs lack the single critical component in creating the ELITE athlete. This is of course being prepared for every chaotic movement involved in sports.

Most coaches or parents tell their athlete to adjust, but do they train them to make those adjustments on the field? According to Joe Defranco and James Smith in the Speed Manual, “predetermined movement patterns using specific cone drills, does not transfer to the on-field “agility” needed for any sport.” This means that predetermined strength movements and power movements will not fully transfer as well. In training athletes to be prepared for the demands of their sport, there must be chaos in the training.

Many of you reading this has heard this before, and some of you may have implemented drills or use equipment to combat this issue. There is new equipment and training methods that could help you drastically improve your training process. In my upcoming series of blogs, I will detail some of the most up to date training methods, exercises, and equipment used to provide athletes improved preparation for performance on the field or court which is the only thing that matters in the end.

My next blog will provide you with some equipment ideas that allows for unpredictable movement to occur. This is key when trying to train your athlete for the unforeseen events that happen on the field. Do not throw away your squat racks, medicine balls, or kettlebells. Just realize that there is a link in the chain of athletic preparation that if not given attention to will hinder the performance gained from the other links.

Don't be like everyone else. #BeELITE!