“Khaos Training,” or unpredictable training, is a key component that is often missing when developing a training program for athletes. The demand for players to adapt and make adjustments in their sport is critical for success. It is really easy for coaches to say “make an adjustment,” but the words are meaningless unless athletes have trained to thrive in a chaotic environment.

Now that we have identified the missing link in most training programs, it is time to find out how “Khaos” is being trained. One of the newest and most effective methods is with the use of unpredictable functional equipment. Most coaches, parents, and players believe they can create a random training effect on their own. This might be partially true, but humans are naturally a creature of habit. When chaotic workouts are done in the exact same fashion over and over, they lose their effectiveness to help the athlete adapt and improve. Moreover, for coaches to create a truly unpredictable workout for every player it would take hours. I do not know any coaches that have that amount of time in their day. This is why it is critical to take movements/workouts that can be repeated, and place an object that is ever changing in the athlete’s hands. This equipment allows for an extremely adaptive workout in a time efficient manner. Stop wasting your time working solely on strength, power, or speed.

With the equipment I am displaying below, you can develop every single one of those aspects, BUT you can also fill the gap between training and performing on the field.

Do you want to dominate on the field while being as time efficient as possible? These training tools can help you achieve just that!

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