Last week I discussed the exercises that were possible with just the Short Length Large Diameter Rope and the benefits that could be derived from those exercises. This week I am going to talk about the exercises, and benefits, that the Short Rope can have when used in conjunction with the Giant Flat Band Resistance Loop.

Most people know the Giant Flat Bands for their use in stretching exercises, assistance with pull ups, resistance in weight training, or even perhaps in providing resistance in certain running drills. But in this case, when used in tandem with the Short Rope, you can turn the Giant Flat Band into a functional workout product that can challenge the user through numerous exercises.

First, one must know how to connect the two products together. In order to do this, you must find a secure anchor (such as a pole, or fence) and loop the Flat Band around and through itself. Next, you take the rope and feed it into this loop until you have similar length rope in each hand. You now have a versatile exercise machine in your hands. The athlete has to use the rope as the handle, thereby continuing to work on grip strength, and the Giant Flat Band provides the resistance to the exercise.


Although you can perform a wide array of exercises with these two products, I am going to highlight a few for you. One great exercise is to stand facing 90 degrees away from the anchor of the band (so that your shoulders are parallel to it) and take the rope and perform rotational exercises that mimic the rotation a hitter has during a swing. This can be done slowly, to focus on the stabilization and strength of the core and hips, or it can be done explosively.

Next, the athlete can turn to face the anchor of the band and take the rope and pull and rotate to each side. This action is similar to the side to side wall series drill in that the athlete rotates and bends to each side. The rotation the athlete is performing here is with a turn of the hips as well as the rotation of the feet, primarily targeting the core and the hips. However, the feel of the exercise can completely change if the athlete takes the rope up higher to shoulder level and then rotates to each side with just the thoracic spine. There is no rotation with the hips or feet during this movement, the goal is simply to work on the strength and flexibility of the upper spine. The athlete can again get a different feel by turning around and facing away from the band and performing the same exercise.

Another great exercise that can be done with these products requires the athlete to hold out the rope in front of his chest, while facing at a 90 degree angle to the band anchor, and slide slowly away from the anchor and then back toward it. This requires the rope to be tied into a knot at the end where it goes through the Giant Flat Band. The tension in the band increases the further away from the anchor the athlete moves, making it harder for the athlete to keep his hands with the rope directly in front of his chest. Therefore, the athlete has to really tighten his core and shoulders in order to keep his hands and torso from being pulled back toward the anchor.

The last exercise I want to describe is essentially a rope pull. Like the exercise I described previously, this one also requires the rope to be tied into a knot at the end. The athlete then extends the rope out and holds on to the end. Slowly, the athlete pulls the rope toward him by placing hand over hand and as the rope is pulled the tension from the band increases. As the tension increases, more grip strength, as well as upper body strength, is required to keep a grip on the rope. Once the rope is pulled as far as possible, the athlete slowly begins to “climb back down” by releasing the rope one hand at a time.

Although I described a few of the drills I particularly like, the Short Length Large Diameter Rope and Giant Flat Band can be used for many other exercises. An athlete can perform almost any exercise that a bowflex type workout machine offers. Depending on whether the band is anchored out in front (like in the videos) or above the athlete, exercises such as rows, lat pull downs, triceps, and crunches can be done with the product. Additionally, the product is versatile in that players of all strengths can benefit from it due to the fact that all it takes to increase or decrease resistance is to change the size of the resistance band that is used.

Because of the wide array of exercises and the ease of changing resistances, this product is a great addition to any workout. If you have any questions about this product or any others please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Until next time,

Brian Oates