It has been a while since I have written a post dedicated to one of Oates Specialties’ new products. But we have been receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback about one of our newest products, and I wanted to focus on that product in case there are those of you that are not familiar with it. The product is called the Rocket Wrap Compression Floss.

The Rocket Wrap Compression Floss, as its name indicates, is a compression floss. It can be purchased in two sizes/colors: Black, which is the standard size and Red which is thicker. Rocket WrapTypically, the thicker Red compression floss is meant for larger joints, such as shoulders. So what is the Rocket Wrap? It is a tool that can be used on joints such as the elbow, shoulder, or knee and can help restore mobility and increase the blood flow to these joints.

The Rocket Wrap is used by wrapping it tightly around the desired joint, starting away from the heart and wrapping toward the heart. For example, if the elbow is being wrapped, the wrap would start closer to the hand and would then be wrapped moving up the arm toward the elbow/shoulder. Once the floss has been tightly wrapped around the joint, the athlete should perform basic range of motion exercises and movements. Continuing with the example of wrapping the elbow, once it is wrapped, the athlete should repeatedly straighten and bend his arm and do short throwing motions (e.g. internal to external rotation of the arm and extension of the arm to the release point) during the duration of the wrap, which should be between 20 seconds and one minute. An athlete should never keep the joint wrapped for more than 2 minutes. Once the desired time has been reached, the Rocket Wrap should be removed as quickly as possible.

Elbow Rocket Wrap

Now let me explain why using the Rocket Wrap can be beneficial. We all know that an athlete’s body can take a toll from playing sports. Of course, baseball puts tremendous stress on the elbow and shoulder, among other joints. The repetitive use of these joints creates a buildup of scar tissue, lactic acid, and other toxins. The shoulder, elbow, and knee are complicated areas that are difficult to flush because of their small size and relative lack of muscle density, among other things. This prevents devices such as foam rollers from being of much use.

But the Rocket Wrap is able to target these areas by applying compression. When an athlete wraps the joint tightly with the Rocket Wrap he is restricting blood flow to the area. The brain realizes that something is going on because the body is having trouble pumping blood to the area. This effect is compounded by performing exercises and movements while wearing the Rocket Wrap, which causes the body to pump even more blood to the effected (compressed) area. When the athlete suddenly removes the Rocket Wrap, all of the blood—and nutrients contained in the blood—begin to flush the area that was compressed, which allows the lactic acid and other toxins to be flushed out, helping with the recovery and healing of that joint.

I don’t have a medical background, but this is how the above process has been described to me: the body is inefficient in its healing efforts. When soft tissue has been injured, it repairs the tissue in a rather haphazard and inefficient manner—think of an empty dinner plate as the injured area and spaghetti as the nutrients. The body will simply dump the spaghetti on the plate, which causes the spaghetti to be a mess. In this analogy, the spaghetti that is lumped on top of one another and facing different directions is the scar tissue that builds up in an athlete’s joint. The sudden rush of blood and nutrients that occurs when an athlete removes the Rocket Wrap helps to align/smooth/straighten the soft tissue and over time will help break up the scar tissue.

We have a large number of athletes using the Rocket Wrap and we have been receiving amazing feedback from those players and their coaches and parents. Players are reporting that in a very short time they have greater mobility and less stiffness in the joints in which the Rocket Wrap was used. Additionally, athletes are reporting that using the Rocket Wrap has helped to eliminate pain and swelling in areas that they typically experience issues.

If you are having pain, swelling, limited mobility or flexibility in your shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, thighs, hamstrings, calf, ankle or foot I highly encourage you to give this inexpensive product a try. The results we are seeing are incredible and could help improve your game. Remember, the more time you spend dealing with pain, swelling, or injury is less time you are able to spend improving your skills and becoming a better athlete.

Until next time,

Brian Oates