In 2010, Coach Ron Wolforth coined that phrase, and it changed the way I practice physical therapy and forever altered the way I train throwing athletes.

It just made sense.

You see, in the Ranch System, pain is neither good nor bad.

It is simply information  -- a beacon that lights the way toward dysfunction.

If you tell us where you hurt, we can tell you all the possible contributors to pain in that area. The location of the pain illuminates the possible stress points in the delivery, and from there we can determine all the most likely contributors.

It’s not supposed to hurt to throw, and no matter how tough you are, if you’re having pain your body will not allow you to push toward improving your ability.

As stated by my friend, Houston Astros major league pitching coach, Brent Strom,  “Survival will always trump performance.”

So, if you have intentions of gaining velocity, improving your command, or enhancing your off speed stuff, the first order of business must always be to…


2 very important items of note:

1)   Pitchers lie about pain. They play with semantics as they try in vain to avoid, deny,, or rebuke any suggestion of pain becoming a factor. They call it things like weakness, tightness, fatigue… or as one kid noted, “my arm feels a little sketchy"... I’m not sure I even know what that means.

2)   For The Florida Baseball Ranch to help any of our clients, we must have an open and honest dialogue about pain. That conversation must take place without precept or judgment. Our players must feel free to communicate with us any time they feel anything. In our practice, if a player’s arm feels anything other than normal, we call that pain.

From there we can work to eliminate the pain and then move forward.

But here’s the cool thing…

The same variables that reduce your risk of injury and eliminate your pain also help to add velocity and improve your command. It’s called “being connected”.

When your delivery is connected, it means that all the parts are acting together and in synchronization with one another – that no single body part is acting independently, and every piece of the kinetic chain is bearing it’s portion of the load.

When your delivery is connected, it’s easy to throw strikes, it’s easy to throw hard, and it’s easy to throw without pain.

The hard part is deciding where and why the disconnections are occurring and what to do about it.

It starts by understanding all the mechanical and physical constraints that could be playing a role. If you haven’t downloaded the free Arm Pain Assassin App, go the App Store on your phone and get it now.

Click where you hurt and I’ll show you all the possible contributors to pain in that area (physical and biomechanical).

Then give us a call at 813-655-3342 and ask about our Precision Strike One-on-One Evaluation and Training Session. 

We’ll conduct a physical assessment and a high speed video analysis of your throwing pattern. Then we’ll teach you all the corrective throwing drills and mobility/stability exercises you need to eliminate your pain and improve you velo and command.

And we’ll take you through the effective power building workout you’ve ever experienced.

You’ll leave with a written plan customized, multi faceted plan made just for you.

Your pain will be gone, and your career will be back on track to be better than you ever were.

Call us now to schedule. 813-655-3342

Randy Sullivan, MPT

CEO Florida Baseball Ranch