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atp energy system

  1. Why We Don’t Run Long Distances by Randy Sullivan

    “Did you throw your bullpen?” “Yessir.” “Good. Now go run your poles while I work with the infielders.” Given the amount of research available on the topic, I am always amazed in a camp when I say, “Raise your hand if part of your practice involves running poles.” Incredibly, approximately 60% of the attendees still raise their hands. Continue reading →
  2. Recovery Time during Workouts

    There have been several questions from readers of this blog regarding the amount of time it takes for the body's ATP energy system to recover after an exercise. This is a very important question and yet one of the most difficult to answer precisely. Most research on the topic shows the rest time for full recovery of the ATP energy system to be approximately 2 minutes. However, there are a number of variables which affect the amount of time needed for recovery. Continue reading →
  3. Explosively Train the ATP Energy System

    Because my focus is on baseball players, both pitchers and hitters, the ATP energy system is the one of greatest interest and importance. However, if you are involved in any sport which requires explosive movements then this should be the system of greatest interest to you as well. As I said before, it is possible to specifically train the ATP system by engaging in short, high intensity repetitive bouts with proper rest intervals. Remember the ATP system provides energy during the first 12-15 seconds of activity and has the highest potential for power output. Using this knowledge, lets look at how it is possible to incorporate different areas of training with the goal of improving the ATP energy system (and as a result your explosiveness as an athlete) Continue reading →

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