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breaking ball

  1. Throwing a Curveball

    A topic I often hear discussed among baseball players and coaches is the breaking ball. This is not surprising as every pitcher wants to have the best breaking ball possible. Whether it is a slider, curveball, or somewhere in between, a good off-speed is crucial as a pitcher begins to face more talented hitters. I have heard of many different methods used to teach how to throw a good breaking ball. Some of these techniques are pretty good while others are pretty bad. The bad ones, in my opinion, usually try and over coach the pitch. They want to tell the pitcher every aspect of the pitch from how to hold it, to the hand position, to the feeling at the release point, and sometimes even what their thought process should be while throwing it. I want to address these general areas of the pitch and what I think would be a far more beneficial way to coach a player working on his breaking ball. Continue reading →

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