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  1. Motivational Mission Statement from Flint Wallace

     Two weekends ago, Coach Massey, Coach Kadey, and I went to Lafayette, LA for a Ranch on the Road camp. We had a great time, the campers worked extremely hard and the hospitality was fabulous. While presenting one of Coach Wolforth’s offerings called “Who Wrote That Rule?”, I was reminded once again that the real reason someone succeeds at something is that he has a big Why. As Coach Wolforth is fond of saying, “If you have a big enough Why, then the How will become self-evident.” Continue reading →
  2. If You Do What Everybody Else Does, You Are Going To Get What Everybody Else Gets

    Human beings are interesting creatures. We desire to be accepted, to be liked, to fit in. We make decisions everyday based on how we think others will perceive our choices and whether they will approve of our actions. As a society, we try to avoid conflict and would rather please than take a course of action that will upset others. We don’t want to go against the grain, usually out of fear for what others might think or say about us. For the most part, we do these things innately—it has simply become second nature to us. This is unfortunate. Such behavior stymies greatness. Continue reading →

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