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  1. TAP Rotational Core Builder

    While I am still on the subject of strengthening the core and increasing rotational power in athletes it is a great time to mention a new piece of equipment Oates Specialties has added to its product line: the TAP Rotational Core Builder. As you can tell by its name, it is a piece of equipment that can truly help build core strength, especially in the obliques. Continue reading →
  2. Rotational Core Exercises

    A couple of posts ago I discussed how it was generally a waste of time for baseball athletes to do abdominal exercises such as crunches. Today I wanted to share a few ways to train the core that can actually translate to improved performance and superior functional core strength. Continue reading →
  3. Ab Crunches: A Waste of time for Baseball Athletes

    Today I went to a local gym to workout and like always found great amusement in watching many of the lifts I saw individuals performing. The most interesting thing I witnessed was a trainer at this gym working out with a young athlete, probably high school age, whom I overheard saying that he was a baseball player. At this point I became interested in observing the types of lifts the trainer had him perform and apparently I began watching during the core exercise phase of this athletes’ workoutAb Crunch. Continue reading →

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