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  1. Rocket Wrap Compression Floss

    It has been a while since I have written a post dedicated to one of Oates Specialties’ new products. But we have been receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback about one of our newest products, and I wanted to focus on that product in case there are those of you that are not familiar with it. The product is called the Rocket Wrap Compression Floss. Continue reading →
  2. What's Your Goal?

    One of the most common interactions I have with coaches and players goes something like this: “Brian, I just got home from the Texas Baseball Ranch (or bought Coach Wolforth’s DVDs) and I am at a loss as to what workouts/drills I should implement and, accordingly, what equipment to buy. Coach Wolforth uses almost all of your equipment at the Ranch (or on the DVD), but we only have a limited amount of time to implement some of the workouts/drills and I don’t know what items are best to purchase. What do you think are the most critical pieces of equipment I should get to help myself/my players? What would you buy if you were just starting out? What was most helpful to you when you were playing?” Continue reading →
  3. Proper Posture when Pitching

    Posture positions while throwing a baseball is a commonly discussed topic among those in the baseball world. Poor posture can result in a decrease in velocity and command while increasing a pitcher’s chance of injury. But what is proper posture for a pitcher? Should the shoulders be level and the head centered over the landing foot/knee at release? Is it okay for a pitcher to have his shoulders slightly tilted and the head to be slightly outside of his landing foot at release? What about a pitcher who is so tilted over that his shoulders are almost vertical with the ground and his head is nearly sideways at release? Continue reading →
  4. Flexibility in Athletes

    Flexibility is fundamentally important to many athletic movements as your body's muscles and joints play a critical part in your athletic ability, performance, and durability. With that being said, athletes often cringe when they hear a coach or trainer mention the word flexibility. I know I used to. Immediately thoughts of tedious and painful hamstring, hip, and groin stretches come to mind. However, as an athlete there are many sacrifices you must make and exercises you must do that you aren't enthusiastic about. Working on your flexibility should be a task of the highest importance to all serious athletes. Continue reading →

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