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  1. Why Baseball Players Lie -by Randy Sullivan

    It's a fact... Baseball players -- especially pitchers – are conditioned to lie. Wow! I just said that out loud! But it’s true! All pitchers lie! This is not meant as a character assassination. Continue reading →
  2. Pain: Your Body’s Way of Talking to You

    We have all experienced pain at some point in our lives. It can be a sharp, shooting pain that brings you to your knees, often referred to as acute pain, that is generally of short duration. Or it can be a dull, numbing pain, often called chronic pain, that is an ongoing condition and generally doesn’t make you stop what you are doing, but is an ever present discomfort. Continue reading →
  3. Why the Medical Community Doesn't Understand How to Decrease Risk of Injury to Pitchers

    A few weeks ago I came across an article discussing the newest policy statement on youth baseball released by the American Academy of Pediatric’s Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness. This statement is being shared with pediatricians across the country proposing new recommendations to help promote “safe participation” in youth baseball (and softball). As I was reading some of the proposals from the Council my immediate reaction was that they truly have no clue how to prevent baseball pitchers from getting injured. With all the brilliant medical minds that are sure to be on the Council, nobody understood the actual nature of why so many athletes are getting injured. Continue reading →

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