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  1. Is Baseball’s Current Instructional Pop Culture Giving Weighted Balls A Bad Name? BY: RON WOLFORTH

    The competitive baseball universe is very akin in many ways to our Western Culture at large, trends and fads are always in motion. As we all know from life experience, trends and fads simply come and go. In 2018, ‘weighted balls’ and velocity enhancement programs are decidedly in vogue. Even as I travel around the world to places like Italy...
  2. Start With The Pain - by Randy Sullivan

    In 2010, Coach Ron Wolforth coined that phrase, and it changed the way I practice physical therapy and forever altered the way I train throwing athletes. It just made sense. You see, in the Ranch System, pain is neither good nor bad. It is simply information  -- a beacon that lights the way toward dysfunction. Continue reading →
  3. Rocket Wrap Compression Floss

    It has been a while since I have written a post dedicated to one of Oates Specialties’ new products. But we have been receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback about one of our newest products, and I wanted to focus on that product in case there are those of you that are not familiar with it. The product is called the Rocket Wrap Compression Floss. Continue reading →
  4. Watch Out for Tiger Country: 97 mph Pitcher… Massive Shoulder Blowout - By Randy Sullivan

    Last week I scrubbed in to surgery with Tampa Bay Rays Team doctor, Koco Eaton to observe one of the most amazing surgical performances I have ever seen. The patient was a college pitcher named Zach. He is a former JUCO guy from Arizona who had previously topped out at 97 mph and currently has a scholarship to a division 1 school. Continue reading →
  5. The Texas Baseball Ranch's Approach to Pain

    In my last blog I discussed why paying attention to pain is so critical in order for athletes to diagnose the cause of the pain. If an athlete can figure out the root of the pain then he can start working to correct the issue in order to diminish the amount of pain felt, which in turn will help to improve the athlete’s performance on the field. It is because of this that Coach Ron Wolforth has made pain the first of his “Big 6” at the Texas Baseball Ranch. The “Big 6” are the 6 elements that Coach Wolforth has labeled as most important to an athlete if he wants to succeed. I will discuss the other five components that encompass the Big 6 in upcoming blogs, but today I am just going to focus on the first—Pain. Continue reading →
  6. Pain: Your Body’s Way of Talking to You

    We have all experienced pain at some point in our lives. It can be a sharp, shooting pain that brings you to your knees, often referred to as acute pain, that is generally of short duration. Or it can be a dull, numbing pain, often called chronic pain, that is an ongoing condition and generally doesn’t make you stop what you are doing, but is an ever present discomfort. Continue reading →

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