1. The Importance of Self Evaluation

    Today’s post is about self evaluation, which is important to all of us—whether you are an athlete, a coach, a teacher, a lawyer, a businessperson, a friend, a parent, or in any other position. This topic is universal because every person instinctively analyzes their performance. It’s human nature. It’s necessary and usually required simply to function in the world. The problem with many of us is that we do not accurately evaluate ourselves. Most of us believe that we have done a great job, or at least a sufficient job at whatever past act, task, or performance we are evaluating. It then becomes a shock when we receive negative feedback from someone else on that act/task/performance. Whether it is a supervisor telling you that your memo was poorly written, a principal telling you that your teaching method is not satisfactory, or a coach discussing your mistakes/errors in the last game you played, we as human beings don’t like to receive this kind of feedback. Continue reading →
  2. Over-Coaching

    I want to stay on the theme of athleticism and explosiveness and address what is killing many athletes' ability to become athletic. It often boils down to the fact that too many coaches are "over coaching" their players. This is something that has been happened in baseball for many years now. Coaches are breaking pitching and hitting mechanics into many tiny parts and teaching each of these micro positions individually hoping the athlete can piece them together to create an athletic, explosive 90 mph fastball or a screaming 400 foot line drive. This is not the right way to go about producing it. Continue reading →

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