1. Pump the Pump - from Flint Wallace

    The other day I across some of my old practice plans from when I was coaching at Weatherford College. At the bottom of every practice schedule I would put a quote or saying. One of those old plans had a saying that is one of my favorites, Pump the Pump. This saying came from a story that I got from Fred Corral, the pitching coach at the University of Georgia. I changed part of it to adapt to our team, and I would give my pitchers a copy of the story at the beginning of the year. Whenever I felt we were close to a break through or going through a tough stretch, I would post the saying at the bottom of the Practice schedule as a reminder of how close we could be to something great. Here is the story as I would give it to my Players. Continue reading →
  2. If You Do What Everybody Else Does, You Are Going To Get What Everybody Else Gets

    Human beings are interesting creatures. We desire to be accepted, to be liked, to fit in. We make decisions everyday based on how we think others will perceive our choices and whether they will approve of our actions. As a society, we try to avoid conflict and would rather please than take a course of action that will upset others. We don’t want to go against the grain, usually out of fear for what others might think or say about us. For the most part, we do these things innately—it has simply become second nature to us. This is unfortunate. Such behavior stymies greatness. Continue reading →

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