speed chains

  1. Rethinking Your On-Deck Warm Up Routine:

    An age old baseball tradition is for hitters to warm up in the on-deck circle with some type of heavier than normal bat. It could be that the hitter adds a donut to his bat or perhaps he swings with two bats in his hands.  Below is what you often see on Major League on-deck circles. But is a weighted...
  2. Blend Speed Chains into Hitting Drills

    The Speed Chains have many benefits for athletes of all ages and levels. They can train the right energy system, develop more efficient neuromuscular pathways, increase sport specific functional strength, as well as improve an athlete's speed and power. However, most baseball Speed Chain users are doing the chains before or after practice as purely a conditioning tool, which is great, but is not the only way it can be used. The Torso Burner and Bat Speed Chains can both be utilized to specifically improve a baseball players' swing, especially when incorporated into a practice for hitters. Continue reading →

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