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  1. How We Individualize Workload To Decrease Injury Risk And Maximize Performance Gains : By Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS

    To become an elite throwing athlete, you need to throw … a lot. Quick, off the top of your head, name me one skill in life where becoming elite at that skill involves … NOT DOING THAT SKILL. You want to be a great guitar player? Sure.  Here’s what you do …  Don’t play guitar too much. Save your bullets...
  2. Stephen Strasburg Arm Inefficiencies

    This is a continuation of my last blog regarding the Washington Nationals and their decision to shut down their ace, Stephen Strasburg, despite the pennant race and the upcoming MLB playoffs. This decision shows that the Nationals organization, as is the case with many (perhaps most) organizations, doesn’t understand why pitchers get injured. In my opinion, the Nationals have decided to take the approach that pitchers only have a certain number of “bullets” in their arm and therefore they better limit the number that Strasburg throws the season after his Tommy John surgery. Continue reading →

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