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  1. Overexposure Can Hurt You

    It is hard to believe, but high school baseball is nearing the end of the regular season. Playoffs will soon be upon us, and one by one high school baseball players will find themselves done competing for their high school teams. For many of these baseball players, the end of the high school season means the beginning of their next season, which will occur over the summer on their select or travel baseball team. When the summer season comes to an end many of these athletes will move right into the fall season with these same select teams. Continue reading →
  2. The Strikeout: Important or Overrated?

    For pitchers, the strikeout can be a type of double edged sword. If a pitcher focuses too much on striking out a hitter, it can lead to increased walks, higher pitch counts, and consequently higher ERAs. Additionally, it tends to slow down the game by keeping the ball from being put into play as frequently and can cause much irritation with the rest of the team and especially coaches. But at the same time it is an important measure of the type of “stuff” a pitcher possesses. And let’s face it; scouts are always looking for indications on how good a pitcher’s pitches are. Continue reading →

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