As many of our customers have learned over the years, Oates Specialties takes pride in finding new exceptional conditioning products to add to our TAP product line. This year is no different as we have added a number of new exciting products such as the TAP Rotational Core Builder, TAP Bell Clubs, TAP Eagle Claw Grip Strength Trainer, and Valslides to name a few. In addition, those of you who have read my past blogs and folloBalanceDiscExercises1w pitching coach Ron Wolforth know how much emphasis we put on an athlete’s ability to be stable while performing the movements of his or her sport.

In order to help train for this crucial element of athleticism Oates Specialties has added several products designed to specifically work on balance and stability. These products, such as the TAP balance pads, TAP balance disks, and TAP folding balance beam, are similar in that they are made of foam or hold air. This provides a less stable surface forcing the athlete to really concentrate on controlling his body while performing exercises.

These products are very helpful but generally are done only with body weight movements. While it is important for an athlete to control his body since that is what he will be forced to move and control during a game, it is also necessary for athletes to improve their strength. Our newest product is specifically designed to help improve the stability and balance of athletes while also strengthening their muscles. This product is called the TAP Strength and Stability Trainer.

The Strength and Stability Trainer offers benefits that traditional weight training tools cannot provide. This device can be partially filled with water to provide active resistance rather than the static resistance normally provided by typical strength training equipment. This dynamic resistance is generated from the water shifting around inside the tube of the product. As this water shifts during exercises, it requires the recruitment of the stabilization muscles to help the athlete keep his balance.

The product is also versatile as it can be used for different size athletes and for different purposes. The TAP Strength and Stability Trainer can be used for almost any exercise including squats, lunges, cleans, curls, and tricep extensions to name a few. If an athlete wants to focus on stabilization during an exercise he or she can fill the bag with less water, usually less than half full, and this will make the product light but very unstable as the water is freely moving around inside the bag. On the otherlunge with strength and stability hand, if the athlete would like to focus more on strength he has the option to fill the bag with more water, usually around 3/4 full, and this will make it heavier but more stable as the water will not shift inside the bag as much.

This versatility is great because it allows the user to decide the weight and the intent of the exercise each time they use the product. It has a valve on one end that can be opened as water is added to the tube and when the desired level is reached, an air pump, which comes with the product, is used to inflate the bag. The Strength and Stability Trainer comes in two sizes, red and blue. The red is smaller and has a maximum weight around 45 pounds when filled with water. The blue is nearly double the size of the red and can be filled with water to reach around 77 pounds.

The exercises performed with this product force the athlete to constantly adjust in order to control the ever shifting movement of the water. This helps to train the stabilization muscles. These muscles play a key role in keeping an athlete healthy and can help improve an athlete’s performance on the field. Another great aspect about the Strength and Stability trainer is that it naturally helps to target and train the weakest links in an athlete’s body. All athletes have some type of imbalance in their body. We often see pulled hamstrings because the quads are stronger or a baseball athlete has one side of their body stronger than the other because he throws only with one arm and swings in only one direction.

strength and stability extendThis product will quickly point out this imbalance because when an athlete uses the product the water will begin to shift to the weaker side as it is unable to be as dynamic and match the other side during lifts. As the water shifts to the weaker side it makes those muscles work harder helping to strengthen them more quickly. This allows for a full body workout that helps to balance out the body in a quick and effective way.

With the Strength and Stability Trainer it is possible to turn everyday squats, lunges, and cleans into a truly challenging workout that forces the athlete to focus on his balance and stability while strengthening his muscles. In that regard it is unlike any workout that can be performed with everyday weight room equipment.

Check out this video and watch how the Strength and Stability Trainer is constantly shifting forcing the athlete to continuously make adjustments in order to control the bag.

Until next time,

Brian Oates