It seems like every time I drive somewhere I see some type of infrastructure enhancement going on, AKA...Road Construction. There always seems to be a road that is getting fixed, expanded, or a whole new road or highway being built. Most, if not all of these things, would be considered by most as progress. But, with progress there is always some inconveniences. Like, when road construction is taking place, often the traffic is actually worse than it was before the construction started. Usually, before the construction started, traffic moved ok, but not great. Then when the construction starts, the traffic moves much slower than before the actual project began. There are back ups and jams and the project always seems to take longer than planned. Usually because of an obstacle, that was not originally foreseen. Like a week straight of rain, or a busted water line, or a piece of equipment breaks down. But, once the project is completed, the road is better than before: the traffic flows much better, much faster, and more smoothly.

This seems to be the case in other construction projects as well. Like when a new house is being built. Usually the lot is being built on was a pretty nice piece of property, that is why it was chosen. But, when the construction starts a major portion of the property is destroyed, cleared, and leveled, so the building can start taking place. Then there is the framing, the plumbing, the electrical, the sheetrock, the brick or siding, the painting, the flooring, the landscaping, etc.; until the house is completed. Then it takes several weeks, if not months, for the actually house to be finished, and the property to look much better than before.

Often, this is exactly what happens when one decides to make enhancements in the delivery, or velocity, or command, or in there secondary pitches. Before they start, things are usually ok, or average. But that is the problem, they are just average. So for the improvements to take place, they often have to tear down, fix, or even build a whole new way of doing the things. Often this my seem like they are going backwards from
where they started, but in actuality, they are just under construction. And just like with road construction or building construction, things always seem like they are worse than before it started, but it is just part of the process. Then with a little time and a lot of effort, you can start to see the improvements. The delivery is more connected, or the velocity starts to go up a little, or now my command is better by a few percent. Now, quite often, this seems to take way longer then we think, and definitely, way longer than we wanted it to. But, then you finally start to see the end results, your velocity is up 5-8 mph’s, your command is better than ever, your secondary are now plus pitches. Most of the times with progress, things seem to actually take a step or two back, before they move forward. Then all the sudden, it is better than it was before. That is just the process of progress.

Just a reminder though, enhancements or improvements will always have to be made. So always look for and be aware of what your next self project needs to be. Then just go though the process of progress again, and again, again.