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Newsworthy Equipment

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Newsworthy Equipment

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All of the equipment in the news in one bundle! This collection of products helps to promote effective movement patterns, increase arm strength, and aid in arm recovery (healing). See below for full descriptions of each product.

  • Improves movement efficiency

  • Promotes arm health

  • Increases velocity

  • Promotes good “finish”

  • Good warm-up tool

  • Develop arm strength

Connection Ball - 12 "   +$8.95
Baseball Training Sock   +$29.95
Extreme Duty Weighted Ball, 32-Ounce   +$13.95
Extreme Duty Weighted Ball, 21-Ounce   +$12.95
Extreme Duty Weighted Ball, 14-Ounce   +$11.95
Extreme Duty Weighted Ball, 7-Ounce   +$10.95
Extreme Duty Weighted Ball, 5-Ounce   +$9.95
Extreme Duty Weighted Ball, 3.5-Ounce   +$8.95
TAP Shoulder Tube   +$99.95

Availability: In stock


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Connection Ball

The TAP Connection Ball is a 12" inflatable ball that can be used for balance and coordination while targeting the core area. In pitching it can be used to address postural disconnects; in hitting it can be used to keep the lower body more stable and help establish a more athletic and balanced position. It can also be used for traditional resistance exercises and stretching in Pilates and other fitness programs but is not designed to support body weight.


Made of pliable PVC the TAP Mini-Exercise Ball ships deflated with an included inflation straw. Colors may vary.

Baseball Training Sock

The TAP Baseball Training Sock was developed to facilitate a modified ball hold program. The design of the device allows athletes to perform a full throwing motion with ball release in a confined area. The ability to release resolves mechanical inefficiencies associated with holding a weighted ball beyond the release point while enjoying benefits related to baseball holds.

Developed under the guidance of Ron Wolforth and Randy Sullivan, the TAP Baseball Training Sock has provided solid results with athlete training and recovery. An excellent tool for developing posterior shoulder strength, it can also be effective reinforcing efficient deceleration patterns.

The Baseball Training Sock is made of heavy-weight fabric with more of the look of a bag than a sock to allow free movement of the hand releasing the ball. This durable product was developed for weighted balls up to twenty-one ounces in weight. Instructions for use not included.

TAP Extreme Duty Weighted Ball Set of Six

The TAP Extreme Duty™ Weighted Balls are designed for institutional and commercial use. The 3.5, 5, 7, 14, and 21-ounce balls are the approximate size of a baseball while the 32-ounce ball is slightly larger. These sand-filled mini-medicine balls are pliable, squeezable and easy to handle. They are ideal for exercises and drills in environments where rebounding is not desired.

Resilient and small, these weighted balls were designed to be used in close quarters as tools to improve arm strength and increase arm speed. They are excellent tools for providing resistance through the full range of motion used in throwing. They can be thrown against hard surfaces, padding, or net.

The balls are color-coded and available in Six different weights: 3.5 ounce (Orange); 5 ounce (Purple); 7 ounce (Red); 14 ounce (Yellow); 21 ounce (Blue) and 32 ounce (Green).

These weighted implements are not toys and should be used with proper instruction and supervision in areas where there are no sharp edges or points. Ninety Day limited warranty against manufacturing and material defects. Instructions for use not included.


TAP Shoulder Tube

The Shoulder Tube™ provides the overhand athlete an ideal way to condition and prepare the shoulder for the act of throwing. The deliberate oscillation of the Shoulder Tube™ (sometimes referred to as the ‘Javelin’ by ESPN analysts) in a slow, rhythmic fashion by moving the arm will cause the counterweighted ends of the Shoulder Tube to change directions stretching (eccentric phase) and shortening (concentric phase) the affected muscle group. The position of the Shoulder Tube™ and the direction it is flexed determines the muscle groups that are exercised.

Controlling the omni-directional movement of the counter weights as the device is being moved through the shoulder’s full range of motion causes increased flexibility and blood flow to the shoulder complex. The construction and flexibility of the round shaft device permits the athlete to exercise the shoulder at an intensity that is self determined. The more energy that is used to move the device results in greater energy levels returned to the shoulder by the rotational motion of the counterweights.

While the patented Shoulder Tube™ was created with the pitcher in mind, it is appropriate for all athletes who throw.




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