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Flat Rung Ladder - Double Agility

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TAP™ Flat Rung Speed Ladder (Double Agility)

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The TAP™ Double Agility Ladder is recommended for players wanting to improve lateral agility and footwork while improving quickness and total body control.

  • Develop better footwork
  • Improve Agility
  • Durable
  • Easy Storage

Availability: In stock



The TAP™ Double Agility Ladder is an ideal tool for developing quickness, balance and coordination. This versatile training device can be used to promote efficient lateral movements and quick changes of direction to enhance speed and agility. It can be used effectively as a great warm up device before work-outs or competition and is an excellent conditioning tool.

The TAP™ Double Agility Ladder is constructed with adjustable flat rungs and easily accommodates straight line and lateral movement drills. The distance between rungs can be changed to fit stride length; narrowing the distance for drills requiring short, quick steps and increasing the distance for drills encouraging longer strides. It is excellent for high intensity short duration drills focused on developing explosive speed and movement patterns.

Each of the flat 16.5” wide rungs in the TAP™ Double Agility Ladder is adjustable to accommodate different strides and training activities. The ladder’s overall 14.5’ length - 32” width fits into an included carrying case and is suitable to use indoors or out. Ladder colors may vary. Instructions for use are not included.

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