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Hand Speed Trainer (Single Sleeve) (XS/Small)

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Hand Speed Trainer (Single Sleeve) (XS/Small)

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The Hand Speed Trainer™ (HST™) weighted arm sleeve improves speed and power through functional strength training using resistance weights that are evenly distributed across the forearm. Unlike other weighted training aids, the HST™ permits varying size weights to be placed evenly on the forearm, allowing the hands to be free to grip a ball (or a bat).  In addition to fundamental drill work, the HST™ provides an athlete the opportunity to work against functional resistance at full speed in a simulated game situation.

  • Places resistance on the body, not the hand or equipment
  • Increases strength & speed
  • Excellent functional training method
  • Sleeves can be purchased individually or in pairs
  • Neoprene sleeves have two built-in slots for 4 ounce and 8 ounce Speed Weights, and can accommodate up to a maximum of 24 ounces in each sleeve

Availability: In stock



The Hand Speed Trainer™ (HST™) is a patented weight device designed to be worn on the forearms without covering the hands and wrists. The location of the HST™ leaves the user free to use hands and wrists normally during drills and activities.

The HST™ is a tight-fitting sleeve made of top quality, high density neoprene that stretches to form a snug fit around the forearm above the wrist and below the elbow; and is secured into place with two elastic straps. The snug fit of the HST™ provides an even distribution of pressure across the entire forearm and provides a natural feel that does not does not interfere with wrist and elbow movement.   The device can be worn during exercises and is particularly helpful in developing strength and coordination.

The HST™ has two elongated pockets, located on the outside of the sleeve.  Each pocket is designed to hold a maximum of one 4 ounce and one 8 ounce weight each.  These pockets provide a unique weight system which allows the user to change the weight of the sleeve by adding or removing weights.  Weight can be adjusted to as light as 4 ounces, or as heavy as 24 ounces.  All necessary weights come with the HST™.  Each sleeve is shipped with two 4 ounce and two 8 ounce weights for a maximum weight of 24 ounces per sleeve.  The Hand Speed Trainer can be purchased as a single unit (for pitchers) or in pairs (for hitters). 

The HST™ overall length is 7.5 inches and designed for a wrist to elbow length (measured from the crease of the elbow to the crease of the wrist) of 8.5 inches or greater. To aid in sizing, measure the circumference of the upper forearm just below the elbow and cross-reference with the following size chart: 

  • X-Small/Small 9.5" - 10.5" circumference of the upper forearm;
  • Medium/Large 10.5" - 11.5" circumference of the upper forearm;
  • X-Large/XX-Large 11.5"-12.5 circumference of the upper forearm.

Hand Speed Trainer Size Chart

The Hand Speed Trainer™ can be machine-washed on a delicate setting using mild detergent and air dried. The HST™ is backed by a 30 day 100% money back guarantee from the manufacturer. Instructions for use are not included. Item is shipped via USPS.

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