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  1. When in Doubt Return to Athleticism

    I recently had a conversation with a buddy of mine about his golf swing. He was telling me that he needed to improve his game because he didn’t want to be embarrassed when playing with colleagues and potential bosses. He then launched into a diatribe about all of these instructional videos he had been watching on the Internet and how he was trying to work on these very specific aspects of his golf swing. But he told me that he feels like his swing has gotten worse since focusing on these instructional tips. After listening to him a saying came to mind: When in doubt, return to athleticism. Continue reading →
  2. New Exercises with the Short Length Large Diameter Rope and the Giant Flat Band

    Last week I discussed the exercises that were possible with just the Short Length Large Diameter Rope and the benefits that could be derived from those exercises. This week I am going to talk about the exercises, and benefits, that the Short Rope can have when used in conjunction with the Giant Flat Band Resistance Loop. Continue reading →
  3. Exercises with the Short Length Large Diameter Rope

    As many of you know, we like to constantly add new products to our lineup in order to bring as many unique exercises to our customers' attention as we possibly can. Often, at this time of year, I post blogs about a new piece of equipment we recently started carrying and explain some exercises that can be performed with it. The product I am going to talk about today is not really new, but we recently realized the true benefits that can be obtained from using it. This product, the Short Length Large Diameter Rope, has many different uses and can functionally train several different muscle groups. In order to best show what types of exercises you can perform with it, I am going to let video clips of the product being used do most of the talking in this blog. Continue reading →
  4. How to Achieve a Late Launch

    In my last blog I discussed what a late launch is and why it is critical to an efficient delivery. Understanding what is meant by a late release and what it looks like is extremely valuable, but if you don’t know how to train yourself or your pitchers to have it then the knowledge is not very useful. Therefore, this blog will describe a few of the drills that Coach Ron Wolforth uses to teach his athletes at the Texas Baseball Ranch how to achieve a late launch. Continue reading →
  5. The Importance of a Late Launch

    I haven’t posted a blog in a couple of months due to an extremely hectic schedule. First, I was busy preparing for and taking law school finals in December. When finals ended my father and I were busy shooting some videos of new products that we recently added to the Oates Specialties product line (I will be featuring those products on future blogs). I then attended Coach Ron Wolforth’s Elite Pitcher’s Bootcamp down at the Texas Baseball Ranch in Montgomery, Texas in order to catch up on the newest drills, philosophies, and thought processes occurring at the Ranch. We then ended this busy time by attending the American Baseball Coaches Association Convention in Chicago, Illinois and the Texas High School Coaches Association Convention in Waco, Texas. My dad and I enjoyed seeing many of you at these conventions. Although my hiatus was longer than I intended, I came away with a number of great blog topics that I will be posting over the next few weeks/months. Continue reading →
  6. If You Do What Everybody Else Does, You Are Going To Get What Everybody Else Gets

    Human beings are interesting creatures. We desire to be accepted, to be liked, to fit in. We make decisions everyday based on how we think others will perceive our choices and whether they will approve of our actions. As a society, we try to avoid conflict and would rather please than take a course of action that will upset others. We don’t want to go against the grain, usually out of fear for what others might think or say about us. For the most part, we do these things innately—it has simply become second nature to us. This is unfortunate. Such behavior stymies greatness. Continue reading →
  7. Accepting Force and Creating Force

    I was recently on Eric Cressey’s blog and while reading a post of his entitled “11 Random Thoughts on Baseball Strength and Conditioning,” I really liked one of his “thoughts” and wanted to elaborate on it and adopt it as one of my blog posts. Eric discusses the concept of “accepting force” in the effort to increase pitching/throwing velocity. What...
  8. Stephen Strasburg Arm Inefficiencies

    This is a continuation of my last blog regarding the Washington Nationals and their decision to shut down their ace, Stephen Strasburg, despite the pennant race and the upcoming MLB playoffs. This decision shows that the Nationals organization, as is the case with many (perhaps most) organizations, doesn’t understand why pitchers get injured. In my opinion, the Nationals have decided to take the approach that pitchers only have a certain number of “bullets” in their arm and therefore they better limit the number that Strasburg throws the season after his Tommy John surgery. Continue reading →
  9. Stephen Strasburg's Inning Limit

    It seems as though we can’t get away from this story. Every time I turn on ESPN the pundits are analyzing the Washington Nationals’ decision to shut down their ace pitcher Stephen Strasburg. The Nationals GM, Mike Rizzo, has claimed since the season started that the team, in order to protect their prized arm, would not let Strasburg continue to pitch after he was in the 160-180 inning range for the season. That decision was made after Strasburg’s start against the Miami Marlins last Friday in an outing in which he only lasted 3 innings. His final stat line for the season was: 15-6 record, 3.16 ERA, 197 SO, 136 hits, and 159 1/3 innings pitched. Continue reading →
  10. Deliberate Practice

    I apologize for such a long time lapse between my last blog and this one but the last few weeks have been quite busy. The Oates took a trip to Hawaii to learn more about the Tennis and Golf Speed Chains, which Oates Specialties will begin to carry soon. We are excited about this opportunity to begin working with athletes in new sports and I will have more information about these products in upcoming blogs. Continue reading →