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Free flowing information about sports training, exercise equipment, and general topics of interest.

  1. Intro: My name is Brian Oates

    I'm going to be writing articles in the coming weeks about a variety of different topics.  Some might be about equipment from Oates Specialties, while other articles may highlight certain coaches', schools', or academies' use of our products and the results they have witnessed.  My purpose for these articles is to connect with you, our clients and prospective clients, so you can learn as well as share your stories about equipment and workout regimens that most benefit your athletes.  Feel free to comment on the articles or anything on your mind.  I want this to be a free flow of information on how to best train our athletes to be as explosive and athletic as possible.  I will also be on twitter as @oatesspecialty, so follow me there to see if I may be in your area during my travels or for other information that I run across.  I will primarily be up and down the east coast this spring visiting with a number of coaches and I would love to meet up and talk baseball or conditioning with anybody interested. Continue reading →
  2. About

    Oates Specialties is a company specializing in exercise equipment targeting functional strength and sport specific training.  Brian Oates, a former collegiate and professional baseball player, is the author/adminstrator of the blog.

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