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  1. The One Thing You Probably Shouldn't Do If You're Having Arm Pain - by Randy Sullivan

    // I had a pro client a couple of months ago with a familiar story. He’s been through 2 Tommy John surgeries, an ulnar nerve decompression, a bone spur removal, and a labrum repair.  In Ranch terms, you could say he had been “Rode hard and put away wet.” That’s not the familiar part. Continue reading →
  2. Zika Virus Saves a Pitcher’s Arm? by Randy Sullivan

    Early last Friday morning I was conducting a Precision Strike One-On-One Evaluation and Training Session with a 16 year-old righty complaining of severe biceps pain. He had scheduled the appointment after pitching in his first tournament travel ball season. For the sake of confidentiality, I’ll call him Wilson (that’s not his real name). In his second outing of the weekend, the pain reached a 10/10 tipping point threshold, his coach wisely shut him down and told him to call The Florida Baseball Ranch. Many coaches believe that pain in the muscle belly of the biceps is no big deal… They would be wrong… Continue reading →
  3. Why Baseball Players Lie -by Randy Sullivan

    It's a fact... Baseball players -- especially pitchers – are conditioned to lie. Wow! I just said that out loud! But it’s true! All pitchers lie! This is not meant as a character assassination. Continue reading →
  4. Sidetracked by Secondary Activities - By: Jill Wolforth

    I always like to give credit when I borrow a quote or comment from someone.  Unfortunately, when I wrote down this week’s title, I didn’t reference its origin.  I do remember when I wrote it down that it was primarily intended for me but I also realized it was a great message for everyone. Whether we’re discussing athletic training, work performance, or family relationships, we indeed are often “Sidetracked by secondary activity." For example, we frequently have an athlete say he wants to improve his performance, yet he only manages to train one or two days a week. He’ll reference that he just hasn’t had time because he wanted to catch a movie one day, another day his girlfriend’s family had him over for dinner and then there was the school project he had put off that was now due, resulting in two more lost days.  By the way, he only used an hour a day to play his video games. It’s just what he does when he comes home from school. You see, he has a small competition going on with one of his friends. Continue reading →
  5. Let’s Get Physical — Changing Pitching Mechanics is Serious Business - by Randy Sullivan

    Recently, I had a minor leaguer in for a Precision Strike, One Day, One-On-One Evaluation and Training Session. Since he’s currently in extended spring training with a pro team, he had to come in under the radar on a Sunday morning. So to maintain confidentiality, I’ll just call him “Lefty”. As I always do with minor leaguers, I asked Lefty what he thought were the biggest constraints keeping him out of the big leagues. Continue reading →
  6. How to Win Games with Your 'C' Stuff by Jonathan Massey

    By now most of you are either deep into the baseball season or have just begun. As much as I want each one of you to have your best stuff every time you take the mound, that is simply not going to happen. Not even the great ones like Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez, or Randy Johnson had their best stuff every time they took the mound. Yet the difference between those guys and the average major league guy is that those guys found ways to win with their ‘C’ stuff. And just like training to throw a 90 mph fastball, learning to win with your ‘C’ stuff can and should be trained. Continue reading →
  7. Are You Gator Bait? by Randy Sullivan

    When I first moved to Florida in 1993, I met a few good dudes at church who invited me to join them for a round of golf. During physical therapy school, I had become an avid golfer (before kids #2 and 3), so I was happy to go. Somewhere around the 7th tee, I had my first experience with a real live Florida alligator. As I stepped up for my drive, I noticed some movement on the bank of the creek adjacent to the tee box.  Upon further observation, I was surprised to see about a 5 ft long gator laying in the sun. Continue reading →
  8. How Chien-Ming Wang Got His Groove Back by Randy Sullivan

    Have you heard the talk of the town in MLB Cactus League? Seems there is a “rising phoenix” in Surprise, Arizona. And its got a lot of people confused The entire league is wondering how Chien-Ming Wang, a 35 year old, twice injured pitcher who was sitting at 86-88 mph in AAA last year is now bumping 96 mph and is showing better stuff than any time in his career. Continue reading →
  9. 5 Reasons Athlete’s Underachieve - by Coach Ron Wolforth

    The 5 Most Common Reasons 95% of ALL Athletes Underachieve and Never Reach Their God Given Potential  More Importantly…What Can You Learn From The Texas Baseball Ranch™ to Overcome Those Obstacles…and Assist You in Transforming Your Career? Skill development is truly NOT rocket science. Why more people don’t ‘get’ this simple concept I truly have no idea but I’m very grateful for it because in all frankness it affords me a very good living. Continue reading →
  10. Practice Your Practice - By Jonathan Massey

    This week’s blog comes from the book Resilience by Eric Greitens. I was recommended the book by one of my good friends about a year ago. While I was rereading it, I came across this little tidbit of really good information that I had previously missed: “When most people practice, they think of themselves as practicing how to do something. What if, instead, you think of yourself as learning how to practice something? If you learn how to do something – change a tire, pour concrete, make macaroni and cheese – then you’ve learned how to do one thing. If you learn how to practice, then you have learned how to learn anything. Continue reading →

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