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  1. The Ten Commandments of Pitching - By: Flint Wallace

    When I was a coaching in college, I held a meeting with all my pitchers the day before our first practice. The purpose of the meeting was to cover the basic housekeeping rules, such as how practices were to be conducted, how to read and follow the practice schedule, what our expectations were, to discuss the philosophy and plan for pitch utilization, and, finally, to present what came to be known as the Ten Commandments of Pitching. Like most good ideas, this was not original with me.  Rather, I learned the T.C.O.P  from Randy Mazey (now the Head Baseball Coach at West Virginia University) when we coached together at TCU. Continue reading →

    Introduction  Throwing velocity is a performance measurement used for assessing baseball players, particularly in pitchers. Pitchers are constantly seeking out ways to increase their pitching velocity, as higher velocity is looked at as a measurement of success. Research has been conducted to look at the effects of weight training, medicine ball training, ballistic training, proper mechanics, and throwing under- and overweighted baseballs on throwing velocity. Continue reading →
  3. I Do Nothing!… NOTHING!! (The Lead Leg) | Randy Sullivan

    When I was a kid, I used to love to watch a TV show called Hogan’s Heroes. My favorite character was a bumbling, overweight prison guard named Sgt. Schultz. I think of him often when I consider the role of the stride leg in the pitching delivery (weird, huh?) See, around here the only time we talk about stride is to say that we never talk about stride. Continue reading →
  4. The Inverted Iron Pyramid by Randy Sullivan

    One of the key indicators of efficiency and power in a pitcher’s delivery is his use of his lower half. At The ARMory and The Ranch, we’ve been studying this for a long time, and our understanding is constantly evolving. An efficient and powerful lower half definitely isn’t seen in the old “stay tall and fall” idea. Continue reading →
  5. Motivational Mission Statement from Flint Wallace

     Two weekends ago, Coach Massey, Coach Kadey, and I went to Lafayette, LA for a Ranch on the Road camp. We had a great time, the campers worked extremely hard and the hospitality was fabulous. While presenting one of Coach Wolforth’s offerings called “Who Wrote That Rule?”, I was reminded once again that the real reason someone succeeds at something is that he has a big Why. As Coach Wolforth is fond of saying, “If you have a big enough Why, then the How will become self-evident.” Continue reading →
  6. Be More Productive By: Coach Flint Wallace

    I came across a quote today that really made me step back and take a look at the things I was doing on a daily bases. The quote came from an article on The article was titled “10 Easy Wins to Keep You Motivated When You’re Tempted to Quit” by Craig Boneau. But the quote was by Tim Ferriss, “Focus on Being Productive Instead of Being Busy.” There are times when we all our guilty of procrastination, so I started to think what are some steps we can take that can help us to get more stuff done. So I came up with a few ideas that I think can help you, and me, become more productive. Continue reading →
  7. 'Balance' - By Ron Wolforth

    Few words in the English language have such a positive general connotation as does the word 'Balance'. Many simply have accepted balance as a universally positive term denoting soundness, equilibrium, steadiness, rock solid, control, commanding the situation, wisdom, prudence and humility. Continue reading →
  8. A New Twist on a Great Idea by Randy Sullivan

    Company Logo     Dominic was hurt. He was just finishing his first college baseball season and he could barely lift his arm. The 5'11" lefty was topping out at 76 mph, and although he's a pretty tough guy, he said that every time he threw a ball it felt like he was being stabbed in the back of his shoulder. He had been to several doctors and had had multiple X-rays, a CT scan and an MRI, but no one could find any reason for his pain. Continue reading →
  9. Watch Out for Tiger Country: 97 mph Pitcher… Massive Shoulder Blowout - By Randy Sullivan

    Last week I scrubbed in to surgery with Tampa Bay Rays Team doctor, Koco Eaton to observe one of the most amazing surgical performances I have ever seen. The patient was a college pitcher named Zach. He is a former JUCO guy from Arizona who had previously topped out at 97 mph and currently has a scholarship to a division 1 school. Continue reading →
  10. The Truth about High School Baseball by Ron Wolforth

    High School Baseball has a potential charm all to itself. For millions of young men and women there may be nothing more fulfilling than playing for their respective high school teams. This is especially true if the team and the sport is passionately followed by the student body and the community. Continue reading →

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