1. TAP Strength and Stability Trainer

    As many of our customers have learned over the years, Oates Specialties takes pride in finding new exceptional conditioning products to add to our TAP product line. This year is no different as we have added a number of new exciting products such as the TAP Rotational Core Builder, TAP Bell Clubs, TAP Eagle Claw Grip Strength Trainer, and Valslides to name a few. In addition, those of you who have read my past blogs and folloBalanceDiscExercises1w pitching coach Ron Wolforth know how much emphasis we put on an athlete’s ability to be stable while performing the movements of his or her sport. Continue reading →
  2. TAP Rotational Core Builder

    While I am still on the subject of strengthening the core and increasing rotational power in athletes it is a great time to mention a new piece of equipment Oates Specialties has added to its product line: the TAP Rotational Core Builder. As you can tell by its name, it is a piece of equipment that can truly help build core strength, especially in the obliques. Continue reading →
  3. Rotational Core Exercises

    A couple of posts ago I discussed how it was generally a waste of time for baseball athletes to do abdominal exercises such as crunches. Today I wanted to share a few ways to train the core that can actually translate to improved performance and superior functional core strength. Continue reading →
  4. Drills for Mobility of the Shoulder and Stability of the Elbow

    I want to end my series of articles regarding stability and mobility by talking about the last link of the kinetic chain for a pitcher (or any throwing athlete). This consists of the shoulder and elbow. All of the energy that has been built up by the movements of the delivery have accumulated from the lower half up the spine through the scapula and now require tremendous mobility of the shoulder and stability in the elbow in order for a pitcher to stay healthy. This energy that is generated is beneficial in terms of velocity on the ball but can be detrimental if the athlete is not prepared for the stress that accompanies this energy. Continue reading →

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