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  1. Effectively Using the Lower Half

    Nearly every pitcher that I have ever been around, whether it was while I was playing or throughout the years with Oates Specialties and the Texas Baseball Ranch, have wanted two things: to throw harder and stay healthy. Usually it is in that order and this post primarily addresses that first concern. Unfortunately, most pitchers will be forced to end their baseball careers at some point due to the fact that their velocity is not sufficient for the next level—or perhaps even their current level. This, understandably, creates the desire for pitchers to want to increase velocity and therefore causes them to ask this question: what can I do to increase the velocity of my fastball? Continue reading →
  2. Accepting Force and Creating Force

    I was recently on Eric Cressey’s blog and while reading a post of his entitled “11 Random Thoughts on Baseball Strength and Conditioning,” I really liked one of his “thoughts” and wanted to elaborate on it and adopt it as one of my blog posts. Eric discusses the concept of “accepting force” in the effort to increase pitching/throwing velocity. What...
  3. Three Postures for a Pitcher's Mechanics

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote about proper posture when pitching and how detrimental it can be for a coach to try and force all of his pitchers into one “ideal” posture through delivery and release. Coach Wolforth at the Texas Baseball Ranch recognized the importance of allowing each individual athlete to be unique and to have the freedom to incorporate his innate movements into the pitching delivery and consequently decided to quit trying to steer his athletes into what used to be considered the “perfect” mechanics (shoulder level and head over landing foot at release). Instead, Coach Wolforth decided to group pitchers into 3 different categories, thereby allowing diversity among postures. He called these 3 posture groups A, B, and C. The benefit of grouping pitchers into three categories is so that they know from the time they get to the Ranch what type of posture/movements they generally have and can immediately identify with other pitchers that have the same movements throughout delivery. Before I elaborate on this, let me first explain the 3 postures Coach Wolforth has identified that encompass all pitchers. Continue reading →
  4. Pronation Drills: Why Athletes at the Texas Baseball Ranch are Ahead of the Game

    Last year I wrote two articles regarding pronation and the deceleration process of the arm after a pitch is thrown. For those of you who have not read those articles, I will give a brief recap, or for those of you who want to go back and read them, here are the links: August 28th article; September 4 article. Continue reading →
  5. Trevor Bauer and Pitch Trajectory Drills

    In this blog I want to discuss a few exercises and devices that can help improve the trajectory of pitches in a pitcher’s arsenal. For those of you who read my last blog or are familiar with the importance of pitch trajectory you already know that pitchers who can throw all of their pitches on the same plane as one another will more easily deceive the hitter and generally experience more success than pitchers who can not. This is because the flight path of the ball is the first thing a hitter processes and if a pitcher throws his breaking ball on a higher plane, meaning the ball pops out of the hand and has a larger arch on its way to the catcher’s mitt, then a hitter will quickly realize an off-speed pitch is on the way, giving him a better opportunity to be on time at contact. Continue reading →
  6. Teaching Pronation

    My last blog was on the subject of pronation and how it is the body’s natural way to slow down the arm after a throw as well as its way to help dissipate the tremendous amount of energy and stress created during theOswalt pitching throwing motion. Pronation is one of the best ways to help keep a throwing athlete, especially a pitcher, healthy and able to continue answering the bell week after week. Continue reading →

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