Introduction  Throwing velocity is a performance measurement used for assessing baseball players, particularly in pitchers. Pitchers are constantly seeking out ways to increase their pitching velocity, as higher velocity is looked at as a measurement of success. Research has been conducted to look at the effects of weight training, medicine ball training, ballistic training, proper mechanics, and throwing under- and overweighted baseballs on throwing velocity. Continue reading →
  2. Attitude and Effort: Things You Can Control

    I was recently channel surfing and came across an interview with Jimmy Johnson, the former Miami Hurricanes’ and Dallas Cowboys’ head coach. He was discussing how he had a saying back when he coached that went something along the lines of “positive attitude plus effort equals performance.” It made me think of similar sayings I have heard over the years from coaches at all levels and across the sports’ spectrum. Continue reading →
  3. I Do Nothing!… NOTHING!! (The Lead Leg) | Randy Sullivan

    When I was a kid, I used to love to watch a TV show called Hogan’s Heroes. My favorite character was a bumbling, overweight prison guard named Sgt. Schultz. I think of him often when I consider the role of the stride leg in the pitching delivery (weird, huh?) See, around here the only time we talk about stride is to say that we never talk about stride. Continue reading →
  4. Is Improper Weight Lifting A Problem? - by Randy Sullivan

    Company Logo Hi, Last week, a young man flew into Tampa to train with us for a few days. I’ll call him Cade. A barrel chested Lefty who, at 6’0” and 210 lbs, Cade clearly excelled in the weight room, He was having pain in the lateral upper arm and forearm. He said he had experienced the same symptoms during every high school outing this year.  Each day, when he started his throwing routine here, he could only manage about 10 throws before succumbing to throbbing/radiating pain and weakness in his left arm. Continue reading →
  5. Increasing Your Vertical Jump

    I know this may seem like an interesting title to one of my blogs as I normally write about conditioning regimens, workout equipment, or how to improve an athlete’s baseball specific skill set. However, my father and I have realized in the past few years that although a lot of the products Oates Specialties carries is designed with a baseball, softball, or throwing athlete in mind, the equipment has one universal characteristic: athleticism. What I mean by that is most of our conditioning tools encourage, require, or even demand that an athlete be as explosive and athletic as he or she can. This realization led us to begin promoting our equipment not just as baseball specific, but as tools that transcend individual sports to the broader theme of developing well conditioned and explosive athletes. Continue reading →
  6. TAP Extreme Duty Weighted Balls

    We have recently added a new set of weighted balls to our product line and they are generating a lot of buzz with our clients. These new balls, the TAP Extreme Duty weighted balls, are different than any weighted balls we have sold before. Unlike our other weighted ball set, the TAP Standard Duty, the Extreme Duty balls can be used for hitting as well as in a throwing program to develop velocity. The name of this new product is indicative of how durable and virtually indestructible we believe the ball to be. Because of the durable nature of these balls, coaches all over the nation are beginning to utilize them during hitting drills to help increase power and the ability to drive the ball. Continue reading →
  7. Overload Training

    My last article focused on weighted balls and the benefits in which they can have for a throwing athlete. Since weighted balls are a type of overload training I thought that my focus this week should involve the overload principle. Continue reading →
  8. The Need for an Off-Season

    As I find myself in the middle of the summer I think back to the many baseball games I played throughout past summers. Whether it was Little League All-Stars, select teams in high school, or the summers in college playing in New England, North Carolina, and Cape Cod, I spent a hefty portion of my life playing ball during the summer time. This is far from rare as the common thought in baseball is that if you are serious about the sport you will play year around. Summer ball into fall ball into the regular spring season and so on. Continue reading →
  9. Tim Epling: Upper Deck Training and the WV Miners

    Beckley, West Virginia is a rather small town nestled in the heart of southern WV in an area known for its coal mines, it's in the same county as that tragic mining accident a few months ago, and its appeal to outdoorsmen as you can finding snow skiing, fishing, and white water rafting at your fingertips. However, baseball players and fans in the area are the truly lucky ones in this beautiful community. Continue reading →

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