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Khaotic Equipment Bundle

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Khaotic Equipment Bundle

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The Khaotic Equipment Bundle combines four TAP products to bring an all-in-one training implement. An athlete can simultaneously train power, mobility, stability, strength, and conditioning when utilizing the Khaos Water Ball With Handles, the Giant Flat Band Resistance Loop, the K-Grips, and the Tri-Fold Mat.

• Increases stability

• Accommodates functional sport-specific conditioning

• Provides resistance through a variety of movement patterns

• Enhances range of motion

• Builds Strength

• Improves Power

Availability: In stock



The Khaotic Equipment Bundle combines four training implements to create an excellent training tool that strengthens and conditions using instability and resistance through the ranges of motion. This bundle can provide the elite athlete a way to train strength, power, stability, mobility, and conditioning, with one convenient device.

The equipment in this bundle can be used separately or combined to create the ultimate training experience:

• The TAP Khaos Water Ball with Handles is a durably constructed ball filled with water and air. The water contained within the ball constantly moves during the performance of the exercise thereby requiring continuous stabilization through muscle activation and balance through body positioning. Manipulation of this awkward and heavy object stimulates functional strength and enables an athlete to develop muscles that are difficult to develop with a traditional weight training program.

• The Giant Flat Band Resistance Loop is a great resistance tool for general conditioning, sport-specific exercises, strengthening, and rehabilitation. It is also a very effective tool for unassisted stretching to enhance mobility and flexibility. When combined with the TAP Khaos Water Ball with Handles, it provides an accommodating resistance that keeps challenging the athlete the more it moves.

• The TAP K-Grips is a set of two rubber balls with an opening that allows the ball to be placed around handles, bars, and bands to allow for a more natural hand placement. The TAP K-Grips challenge the athlete’s grip during activity. Constantly varying grips affects the difficulty of the exercise.

• The TAP Tri-Fold Mat provides a soft and comfortable cushion for stretching and workouts. The thick foam dampens and absorbs shock without restricting any movement during exercises. The 6 x 2’ mat has an easy to clean surface and folds into three sections for easy storage and transportation. In the bundle, this mat is used as a shock absorbing target for slams or rotational tosses to provide cushion to the TAP Khaos Water Ball with Handles, which will extend the life of the ball.

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