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Product Questions
What are the dimension of the TAP™ Shoulder Tube™?
The TAP™ Shoulder Tube™ is 69" x 2" x 2"
What are the dimensions of the TAP™ Elbow Buddy?
The TAP™ Elbow Buddy is 54" x 2" x 2"
Discontinued/out of stock items
If you don't see a product you have seen/purchased previously it may be out of stock or in certain situations may have been discontinued.
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Account Questions
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Shipping and Returns Questions
Do you allow order pick-ups?
Yes. We are located in Hunstville, TX. If you would like to pick up an order please call (936) 295-4459 to place the order because as of now our website doesn't support local pick-ups.
Do you allow shipping by my preferred freight forwarder?
Yes. Please contact us at (936) 295-4459 and we can help you out.
How do I change my shipping address?
If you haven't placed an order yet and have an account you can update the preferred shipping address in your account settings. If the order has been placed already we may contact you if the address doesn't get verified in our system but it is best to...
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Schools/Universities Questions
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