Product Questions

Does the Advanced Command Trainer move when hit?
The Advanced Command Trainer can move when hit directly. If movement is an issue, consider adding weight to the bottom frame, such as a sandbag.
Can I get replacement Advanced Command Trainer pads?
Yes, we offer replacement pads for our TAP™ Advanced Command Trainer. Please visit here to purchase:
Do you sell blemished products?
We offer blemished products on our website when the inventory we receive is not in perfect condition. The blemished products we offer have only minor cosmetic defects but are still fully functional. All blemished products we sell come with a 30-day limited warranty.
Do blemished products come in original packaging?
They don't always come in original packaging however they always include all components the original product comes with.
Do you still sell the $discontinuted_products?
Unfortunately, we no longer sell the $discontinued_products.
Are you bringing any discontinued products back?
Any discontinued products will be discontinued until further notice.
Do you sell products similar to Driveline?
Unfortunately, we are not familiar with the specifications of DriveLine products. Subsequently, we are unable to provide you a fair comparison.
Do you just sell baseball products?
While our company niche is baseball, we believe that our product line can help improve performance and aide in development for athletes in most sports.
Do you have product bundles?
Yes, we have a variety of bundles available on our website. If you click on the button below, you can browse through our current bundle offerings.
Do you offer sample products?
Unfortunately, we do not have a program in place to offer sample products.
Do you sell uniforms?
Unfortunately, we do not sell uniforms at this time.
Do you have product videos?
We have a variety of videos on our YouTube channel for many of our popular products that can help you out. If you need any other help, feel free to contact us at (936) 295-4495 or
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