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Plyometric Training Box

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Plyometric Training Box

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Plyometric (Plyo) Boxes are excellent tools for enhancing vertical explosiveness and dynamic movements.

  • Train with body weight
  • Increase power and speed
  • Improve endurance
  • Trains within ATP Energy System

Availability: In stock

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Plyometric Training Box 24" Height
Plyometric Training Box 30" Height (Call to order)

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Plyo boxes are excellent tools for athletes to develop power, quickness, and explosiveness as well as improve cardiovascular stamina. These economical plyo boxes offer an outstanding means for strengthening hamstrings, quads, glutes and overall leg strength.

These plyo boxes are often used for single-leg training such as step-ups and single leg squats replacing traditional weight room squats. Squats, like most exercises, have inherent risks when performed with poor technique or with weights too heavy for the athlete. Single leg training using body weight (increasing resistance with hand held weights only after mastery of movements) can be very beneficial for the prevention of injuries. Plyo box height for single leg training can be determined by measuring the distance from the sole of the athlete’s foot to the floor when the leg is raised to form a 90° angle at the knee.

Product features:

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Solid non-skid rubber top
  • Easy to move and stack to conserve space
  • Scratch-resistant powder coating

If training requires jumping exercises the TAP™ Safe-Jump Plyo-Boxes are recommended.

Product Dimensions And Weight:

Height Size of Top Size of Bottom Weight Dimensional Weight Color
18" 14.5" X 14.5" 20" X 20" 21 Pounds 38 Pounds Red
24" 16" X 16" 22.8" X 22.8" 25 Pounds 67 Pounds Black

Products ship according to dimensional weight. It is possible for different size products to be stacked and shipped together which may result in savings. Colors may vary. Instructions for use not included.

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