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TAP Strength and Stability Trainer

Khaos® Waterboy

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The Khaos® Waterboy AKA H2O Strength & Stability Trainer , filled with water and air, uses unstable weight as resistance for training and rehabilitation exercises to improve symmetry and strength.

  • Improves balance
  • Enhances stability
  • Improves coordination

Availability: In stock

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Khaos® Waterboy (Green w/Fixed Handles)
Khaos® Waterboy (Black w/Fixed Handles)
Khaos® Waterboy (Gray w/Fixed Handles)

Specifications Sheets

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For assembly instructions consult the following downloadable document. (Adobe Reader required.)


The Khaos® Waterboy AKA H2O Strength & Stability Trainer (sometimes referred to as an aqua bag) offers benefits that traditional weight training tools cannot provide. This device can be partially filled with water, providing active resistance rather than static resistance. As it is moved during exercise, the water constantly shifts, actively recruiting the stabilizing muscles. Increasing the strength of the stabilizers can both decrease the risk of injury and improve athletic performance.

Because of the additional balance and stability requirements, the weight required to challenge an athlete is less than the amount needed in traditional resistance training. The weight of the Khaos® Waterboy can be altered simply by adding or removing water until the desired weight is achieved; the balance of the device volume is filled with compressed air. (Less water makes the device more unstable.) Many exercises performed with a traditional barbell or dumbbell can be performed with the Khaos® Waterboy.

The Khaos® Waterboy is available in three sizes with fixed handles.

    The TAP Khaos™ Waterboy is not designed for throws. An Air Pump is included. Some assembly is required.

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