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Slam Net

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Slam Net

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The Slam Net is used with a light-weight air-filled ball to train for speed and quickness while conditioning the shoulder complex and core.

  • Improves arm health
  • Enhance rotational explosivenes
  • Improve coordination
  • Train for speed
  • Strengthens the core
  • Availability: In stock



    The TAP Slam Net™ allows a light air-filled ball to be used to take rotational training to a new level of intensity and effectiveness! Adding a basket ball, or even a soccer ball, to the Slam Net™ creates a core conditioning device that can be used to increase rotational strength, coordination and balance.

    The Slam Net™ provides a tool for high intensity exercises of short durations. Ballistic exercises of 10 seconds or less can be developed to target the explosive fast twitch muscle fibers. The Slam Net™ can develop power and quickness as it is swung side to side, diagonally or multi-directionally.

    Using the Slam Net™ with an air-filled light weight ball (2 pounds or less recommended) provides a rebounding action that creates an over speed training effect. The quick rebound requires movement faster than those normally associated with heavier medicine balls resulting in explosive movements using one or two hands.

    The following video demonstrates some of the ways the Slam Net™ can be used:

    The Slam Net™ is a great training tool for the elite athlete and is recommended for use on turf or carpeted areas. Use of product on hard or abrasive surfaces, or with balls weighing more than two pounds, is not recommended and will shorten the life of the product. The 'Hammer Net' (Click Here) is recommended for exercises requiring air-filled balls weighing greater than 2 pounds and is ideal for institutional or commercial applications. The Double Handle Medicine Ball (Click Here) is also recommended for rotational exercises requiring greater weights for rotational strength development.

    The Slam Net™ is made of durable 4 mm polypropylene twine and is 52 inches long with a 10 inch opening. It is closed with one inch webbing that adds 20 inches to an overall length of 72 inches. Soccer/volley ball or instructions for use are not included. The Slam Net™ is warranted for 30 days against manufacturing defects.

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