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Golf SpeedChain®

Golf SpeedChain®

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The Golf SpeedChain® is a tremendous training tool to increase clubhead speed for virtually any golfer. It is a training aid that builds clubhead speed through exercises utilizing multiple planes of movement that address the complexity of the golf swing.

  • Increases Club Head Speed
  • Enhances rotational explosiveness
  • Strengthens core muscles
  • Improves coordination
  • Improves athleticism
  • Recommended for Club Head Speeds 110mph and over


Courtesy of Andrew Rice. For website click here

Courtesy of Kevin Unterreiner. For website click here

Availability: In stock

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Golf SpeedChain® (Strong)
Golf SpeedChain® (X-Strong)
Golf SpeedChain® (Pro)


The Golf SpeedChain® is a tremendous training tool to increase clubhead speed for virtually any golfer. It is a training aid that builds clubhead speed through exercises utilizing multiple planes of movement that address the complexity of the golf swing.  The device reinforces coordination with resistance and allows the golfer an opportunity to execute golf specific exercises with precise intention, lending itself to differential learning. 

Using the Golf SpeedChain® offers the golfer the same feel of the golf swing providing similarity in muscle action, joint movement, and energy production. Unlike traditional training methods, the Golf SpeedChain® can be used while the golfer is positioned on uneven surfaces to reflect golf course conditions.  The design of the SpeedChain® allows golfers to replicate the explosiveness that occurs in the golf swing while providing cues that excites the tactile, auditory and visual senses.  This feedback reduces exercise monotony and boredom that can lead to reduced motivation.

The Golf SpeedChain® allows the body to self-organize and discover efficient movement patterns using the Dynamic Systems Theory, reinforcing the importance of coordination versus isolated strength. The exercises performed with the device are at high intensity for short durations utilizing the body’s ATP energy system.  It is a tool for training basic high velocity movement patterns, with balance and proprioception that lead to increased clubhead speed. The Golf SpeedChain® follows hand and arm movement patterns, allowing multiple movement executions that compliment different golf teaching techniques/methods. 

The Golf SpeedChain® is a custom constructed metal chain attached to a sturdy golf style handle with links that increase in size and weight as the distance from the handle increases.    This design allows initial movements to be easier because smaller/lighter chain links move initially, with the movement pattern becoming increasingly difficult as the heavier distal chain links are involved.  This varying resistance provides an excellent underload/overload experience with movements that are golf specific.

he Golf SpeedChain is Available in Three Models With Recommendations Based on Club Head Speed:

 ModelClub Head Speed
  Strong    Under 90 MPH
X-Strong    95 - 105 MPH
   PRO    Over 110 MPH


Each model may have up to two SpeedChain Extensions added as necessary when clubhead speed and strength increases.  If there are questions about model sizing it is recommended to undersize the model size and make adjustments with extensions.  

The Golf SpeedChain® delivers resistance light enough to permit high acceleration and resistance heavy enough to challenge.  This is accomplished by through variable weight loads, with different phases of a swing being weighted differently; the variable resistance challenges the golfer to move the volume of chain according to their strength.  The SpeedChain® trains the golfer’s motor patterns to better transfer to golf movement and supplies a means to develop stronger movements and joint actions using the larger chain links higher weights to train at higher levels of force.  Note:  Always waggle SpeedChain through full range of motion before beginning exercise.

To read about the Golf SpeedChain® experience of  Kevin McMullen, founder of Authentic Golf,  on his website go to or by downloading his document “30 Days With The Speed Chain: A report on my own testing and training with the Speed Chain” as a PDF file at:

The Golf SpeedChain® is an outstanding golf training implement that can be purchased as a stand-a-lone training tool consisting of a golf style handle, Universal SpeedChain® Segments, and Chain Carrier.  For an enhanced training experience consider the TorsoBurner and/or the Kicking Chain.  Either or both of the Universal SpeedChain® Segments used with the TorsoBurner® can be used alternately with the Golf or Kicking SpeedChain® Sport Specific Quick-link Attachments.  All components are available and can be purchased individually. No instructions are included.

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