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TorsoBurner SpeedChain- Pro

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TorsoBurner SpeedChain- Pro

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The TorsoBurner is an intense and superior tool for training rotational movements. It can be used to develop core strength and enhance coordination while improving agility and quickness.

  • Strengthens core muscles
  • Enhances rotational explosiveness
  • Reduces risk of oblique injuries
  • Improves coordination
  • Improves athleticism

Availability: In stock



The TorsoBurner™ is an excellent tool for training through the complex Dynamic System Theory approach.  Considered the core piece of the SpeedChain™ family, It  forces the athlete to constantly redirect movement which causes the agonist and antagonist muscles to continuously reverse roles against varying resistance. These small counter movements result in less muscle slack and leads to superior performance in sports requiring action under time pressure.  This constant change is extremely important for athletes that must respond to the chaotic nature of their sport in a moment’s notice.  The very nature of TorsoBurner exercises allow the athlete to overcome muscle imbalances aiding in the prevention of injury and leading to an overall healthier athlete.

An amazing tool for increasing rotational strength and full body power, the TorsoBurner uses the variable and dynamic resistance of two custom manufactured chains to strengthen and stabilize. The TorsoBurner™ handle bar is gripped with both hands and attached to two Universal SpeedChain™ Segments. The initial chain links of the Universal SpeedChain™ Segments attached to the handle bar are small/lightweight and increase in size/mass as the chain links progress away from the handle bar; this construction allows the large chain links at the end to serve as movable ballast for the SpeedChains™ during exercises.  The design of the device provide  for movement patterns that allow the muscles to fire faster and with more power,  which translates into faster and more powerful athletic movements. 

The TorsoBurner™ allows the athlete to accelerate immediately from a stopped position with minimal resistance to top speed against the increasing resistance of the SpeedChains™. Then, at the end of the movement pattern the direction is reversed working against the moving chains and their increasing resistance. These movement patterns typically are timed to last no more than eight seconds to insure the exercise stays within the ATP energy system. This forced movement against the unique and continuous resistance of the SpeedChains™ is an efficient method for developing more torque, quicker pivots and better lateral movements.

The flexibility of the TorsoBurner™ design  allow for training many athletic movement patterns facilitating blending and the transfer of efficient sport  specific movement patterns.  The device offers the athlete an opportunity to modify exercises to promote differential learning and prevent adaptation, i.e. doing an exercise movement while standing, sitting, kneeling, on one foot, on balance devices, while moving, etc.   The tools variability of the resistance allow for more exercise patterns providing opportunity for increased motivation and less exercise monotony.

The TorsoBurner consist of a Handle Bar, Universal SpeedChain™ Segments and Chain Carrier.  Either or both of the Universal SpeedChain™ Segments used with the TorsoBurner™ can be used alternately with any of the other SpeedChain ™Sport Specific Quick-link Attachments.  All components of the TorsoBurner are available and can be purchased individually.

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