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AlignMed Spine and Scapula Stabilizing Brace

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AlignMed Spine and Scapula Stabilizing Brace

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The S3® is a full upper body garment with external Neuroband® straps. Designed to improve posture, reduce pain, and increase range of motion in the shoulder and spine. This pre-habilitation, rehabilitation, retraining device optimizes core activation, scapular function, and increases rotator cuff strength.

  • Increases shoulder function
  • Improves range of motion
  • Repositions the scapula
  • Decreases tension on the biceps
  • Enhances proprioception

Availability: In stock



The AlignMed S3 Spine and Scapula Stabilizing Brace is designed for postural dysfunctions such as protracted scapulae (rounded shoulders) and forward head position often associated with the overhand throwing athlete. It is ideal for athletes with shoulder dysfunction and upper extremity overuse syndrome. Athletes can wear the Spine and Scapula Stabilizing Brace after throwing to rest their arm and prevent the feeling of "hanging" often complained about.

An excellent device to educate the body and mind of the correct positional sense, the brace places the scapula in the ideal position for shoulder function by providing proprioceptive and kinesthetic cues by applying pressure on the inferomedial corner of the bone and on the pec major musculotendinous junction.

Additionally, the Spine and Scapula Stablizing Brace is designed to address: • Scapular dyskinesis - both proximally and distally based • Long thoracic mononeuropathy • Lower trapezius and/or serratus anterior weakness • Subacromial impingement syndrome • Anterior instability • Multidirectional instability • Internal impingement • Bicep tendonitis • As an orthosis for upper body weakness.

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