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Large Diameter Rope (Short Length)

Large Diameter Rope (Short Length)

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    The Large Diameter Short Rope can be utilized for exercises to effectively improve strength, shoulder mobility, range of motion, and arm health.
  • Promotes arm health
  • Increases athleticism
  • Enhances strength
  • Trains ATP energy system

Availability: In stock

Product Name Price Qty
Heavy Rope (1.5"x6')
Heavy Rope (1.5"x9')
Heavy Rope (1.5"x12')
Heavy Rope (2"x6')
Heavy Rope (2"x9')
Heavy Rope (2"x12')


Training with the Large Diameter Short Rope is a simple and effective way to add variety and intensity to many exercises in a bodyweight workout circuit. Short Rope training is an excellent way to improve grip strength, arm and shoulder strength. These polypropylene ropes make pull-ups and other body weight exercises much more meaningful because of their diameter and instability. The Short Rope can be used with the Giant Flat Bands for great resistance training. The Short Rope is light and portable and can be used virtually anywhere. It even can be wrapped around a sturdy support.

Available in 6', 9' and 12' lengths in 1.5" and 2" diameters. Rope color may vary. Instructions are not included.

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