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TAP™ Melee Club

TAP™ Melee Club

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The TAP™ Melee Club is a uniquely designed exercise tool that allows the possibility of many different multi-planar movements. The distinct shape of the device provides unbalanced loading that can be used for unilateral and offset exercises to address muscle imbalance issues while developing strength. It is a safer, more adaptable alternative to the traditional sledgehammer for axe swings (cross-body chops), tire slams and other sledgehammer exercises the implement addressing rotational strength. Movement patterns utilizing the TAP™ Melee Club can improve strength, agility, and balance.

  • Supports multi-planar movements: forwards and backwards, side-to-side, and rotational
  • Improve strength, balance, and kinesthetic awareness
  • Promotes a strong core, stabilizer muscles, shoulders
  • Enhances stabilizer muscles while promoting mobility
  • Useful for addressing strength imbalances

Availability: In stock

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The TAP™ Melee Club is patterned after the “Gada”, a traditional swinging device akin to the Indian club (TAP™ Bell Club). The device is an excellent tool for rotational movement training, PNF movement patterns, and other core training exercises. The unbalanced design of the Melee Club makes it intentionally awkward to handle, challenging the athlete as it is moved through exercise patterns requiring core stability, balance, and coordination while developing strength and power.

The unbalanced loading of the Melee Club can be used for unilateral and offset exercises to address (or prevent) muscle imbalances from developing. Muscle imbalances can happen for all kinds of reasons, sometimes simply because the non-dominant arms and legs are used less in every day. Athletes who play baseball or golf, for example, may produce muscle imbalances because they use a dominant side to throw or swing. Fitness enthusiasts may develop muscle imbalances by relying on their naturally dominant side to push through heavy lifts or intense movements. Unbalanced load exercises with the Melee Club can improve stabilizer muscle function and address asymmetrical muscle development while creating strength by increasing the workload of the out-of-proportion body part to help bring it into symmetry.

Movement patterns utilizing the TAP™ Melee Club can improve strength, agility, and balance. The unique design of the Melee Club provides the possibility of many different multi-planar movements. Resistance swings can be performed behind the back and overhead in several different movement paths to strengthen the shoulders, arms, and grip while strengthening the core. The two main movements for the Melee Club are the 360 and 10-to-2 and called the Gada Swings. The leveraged resistance provided by the Melee Club can be altered by hand position on the handle: the farther away the hands are from the load, the heavier the load will seem during exercise; the closer the hands to the load (‘choking up’) the lighter the load will feel. The ability to change the intensity of a movement by altering hand placement makes the device a versatile training tool.

The Melee Club can be a safer, more adaptable alternative to a traditional sledgehammer for axe swings, tire slams, and other sledgehammer exercises addressing rotational strength and emphasizing the oblique. Made of a durable urethane sphere molded to a heavy heavy-duty fiberglass handle, it has elastic properties capable of significant resistance to impact. This construction permits high-intensity impact training from sledgehammer style drills while allowing swings in multiple directions and other beneficial movement patterns. The Melee Club does not require a tire for sledgehammer style workouts making it more versatile and mobile than the standard sledgehammer. While the rounded head of the Melee Club can be swung against solid surfaces such as the ground or concrete, a tire or cushioned surface such as rubber flooring is recommended to insure impact from the heavy implement does not damage the surface being hit. The Club's urethane head has elastic properties and the user should always be aware of rebound after impact. Gloves are recommended to protect the user’s hands.

Training with the Melee Club should be performed with caution and constant awareness of the training environment. The surface area impacted must be appropriate for heavy impact when the device is used for sledgehammer style exercises. A spotter, stationed outside of the Melee Club's movement pattern, is recommended when exercises are performed. Athletes should always use this device with the approval of and under the supervision of a qualified adult. Instructions for use not included.

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