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TAP™ Portable Plyo Mat

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TAP™ Portable Plyo Mat

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The TAP™ Portable Plyo Mat is a portable, quick, and simple plyo wall substitution when a suitable surface to throw the TAP™ Max-Grip Weighted Balls against is not available.  Made of re-purposed industrial grade belting material, the Portable Plyo Mat is extremely durable and can be suspended from most chain link fences, nets, or hangers using the included snap hooks.  The pliable mat can be easily rolled up and its dimensions make it extremely portable.

  • Provides a flat surface to help protect soft-shell balls when thrown

  • Light weight

  • Can be suspended from most chain link fences, nets or hangers

  • Can be rolled up to fit into equipment bags

  • Recommended for use while traveling

  • Colors May Vary

  • Standard Shipping Only


Availability: In stock



The best way to protect and extend the life of any of the TAP™ soft-shell plyo balls (TAP™ Max-Grip Weighted Balls) is to throw them against a smooth surface that will not nick or cut them.   Finding a place at away games to perform arm care, warm-up, or cool down activities using the soft-shell plyo balls can be challenging. The Portable Plyo Mat was developed specifically to hang on suitable fences or other surfaces to protect the weighted ball from sharp edges that will likely damage the ball.

The TAP™ Portable Plyo Mat is made of reclaimed industrial rubber belting material and may show signs of wear and size irregularity. The Plyo Mat is approximately 32” wide with length varying from 30” to 32”, thickness varying from 1/8” to 3/16", and has an ABS plastic stiffener. Two snap hooks are included with the Plyo Mat.

Care should be taken to ensure the TAP™ Portable Plyo Mat is mounted to or against a suitable surface that will withstand the impact of the thrown weighted balls without causing damage to the surface being mounted against.  The Portable Plyo Mat is not padded and is intended only to protect the thrown soft-shell balls, not the surface it is against. While the TAP™ Portable Plyo Mat is weather resistant it is not weather proof; care should be taken not to expose the device to extreme temperatures or prolonged utra-violet exposure. Instructions for use are not included.

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