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#BeELITE Stay Elite Package

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#BeELITE Stay Elite Package

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Being healthy and playing at full potential is a must for athletes in all sports. In baseball, the preparation is sometimes forgotten in favor of playing more and more games. Preparation is the key to success, health, recovery, and ultimately performance. Use the tools in this package to keep you or your athlete at their best year round.
TAP™ Extreme Duty Weighted Ball (3.5oz)
TAP™ Extreme Duty Weighted Ball (5oz)
TAP™ Extreme Duty Weighted Ball (7oz)
TAP™ Extreme Duty Weighted Ball (14oz)
TAP™ Extreme Duty Weighted Ball (21oz)
TAP™ Extreme Duty Weighted Ball (32oz)
TAP™ Connection Ball
Exercise Band - 9" X 5/8" (Green)
Rocket Wrap Compression Floss Black (7')

Availability: In stock


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Extreme Duty Weighted Ball- Set of Six | Plyo Balls Used in Pitching and Hitting

The TAP Extreme Duty Sand-Filled Weighted Ball is a durable weighted ball used for arm health, pitching velocity, and baseball batting drills.

  • The 3lb Mini-medicine ball may be substituted for the 32oz upon request. Please call us at 936-295-4459 for service.
  • Suitable for throwing against hard surfaces
  • Develops arm strength
  • Improves arm speed
  • Improves arm action
  • Can be used in hitting exercises
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 TAP Connection Ball

The Connection Ball is used to train effective movement patterns. Pitchers use the tool to preset proper arm positions and receive visual indicators of mechanical efficiency. Hitters use the product to address hitting disconnections and improve skill.

  • Can be used in pitching and hitting
  • Promotes arm health
  • Improves movement efficiency
  • Lightweight

TAP Baseball Traininig Sock

The TAP Baseball Training Sock allows an athlete to throw a ball in a confined space, inside or out. Players can throw regardless of weather conditions or availability of a training partner. Please note that the Junior Baseball Training Sock is recommended for youth under the age of 13, and it is recommended to use no heavier than a 7oz ball in the Junior Sock.

  • Increases velocity
  • Promotes good “finish”
  • Good warm-up tool

TAP Exercise Bands

Exercise Bands can be used around the ankles or wrists to provide resistance exercises for the extremities. This cost-efficient product can be used for numerous exercises and is great as a warm-up device.

  • Pregame warmup
  • Improve mobility
  • Durable

TAP Rocket Wrap Compression Floss

The Rocket Wrap Compression Floss, when used properly, can be a great tool for restoring mobility and promoting blood flow to areas that normally have low circulation, such as elbows, knees, and shoulders. The Rocket Wrap Compression Floss has a nominal 150% stretch capacity. Contains natural latex rubber.

Flossing has many purposes and uses to help in recovery

  • Provides for better range of motion
  • Improves proprioception
  • Increases blood flow to affected areas

Dynamic Arm Resistance Tubing

The Oates Specialties Dynamic Arm Resistance Tubing should be an integral part of any arm health program to prepare the arm for throwing.

  • Strengthen Rotator Cuff
  • Strengthen Scapula
  • Improve Core Strength
  • Increase Trunk Flexibility
  • Increase Body Stability

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