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Weighted Exercise Vest- 20lb

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TAP™ Weighted Exercise Vest (20lb)

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If you are looking for an effective way to add intensity to an exercise or sports program, the TAP™ Weighted Exercise Vest is the perfect product to do so.

  • Adjustable
  • Gain Strength
  • Gain Agility
  • Powder Weight for Comfort

Availability: In stock



Wearing the TAP™ Weighted Exercise Vest adds intensity to any workout, whether walking at a moderate pace or performing a high-energy drill.

The TAP™ Weighted Exercise Vest was especially designed for flexibility and performance while providing the utmost in comfort. This vest allows unrestricted movement during exercise and with no shifting of bulky metal bars in loose-fitting pockets during demanding or vigorous exercise.

The unique form-fitted design of the TAP™ Weighted Exercise Vest is made of flexible neoprene and is permanently weighted with 20 pounds of evenly distributed powdered metal for balanced weight distribution around the torso. Three adjustable straps with quick-release buckles secure the vest to your body and can be adjusted for a firm fit around the torso. Adjustable shoulder straps allow the vest to be lengthened or shortened resulting in the weight of the vest being more closely aligned with the body’s center of gravity.

The TAP™ Weighted Exercise Vest is ideal for step-up exercises, lunges, squats, and standing heel raisers. When weighted vests are properly used, the athlete experiences greater loading, which forces the muscles to become more responsive, thereby creating better intramuscular coordination. Reseach supports the use of weighted vests to increase the metabolic cost and dynamic loading of the skeletal system. Research indicates wearing a weighted vest could significantly increase the mechanical stresses placed on the skeletal system without experiencing undue physiological strain.

This vest is generally recommended for the muscularly developed athlete of high school age or older. Typically, the 20-pound TAP™ Weighted Exercise Vest should represent no more than 10-12% of the athlete’s body weight; the athlete should have a body weight of approximately 165 pounds or more. When vest weights exceed the recommended percentages, movements can become too slow to promote athleticism and the likelihood of stress-related injuries may increase.

Before beginning any new conditioning program you should consult your physician, physical therapist, athletic trainer, or strength and conditioning coach. If you have musculoskeletal problems, it is extremely important to check with an orthopaedist to make sure the program will not aggravate those problems.

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